Sunday, June 13, 2010


Today upon opening the freezer, I found that our overripe banana stash was out of control! I counted seven and declared it a baking day.
Jonesing for the perfect banana bread or muffin recipe, I scoured my favorite blogs and Internet. Rufus proved to be no help at all.
I ended up with not, one but two recipes: KERF's Chocolate Banana Bread and from, Whole Wheat Banana-Strawberry Muffins. Both recipes sounded carb-a-licious, yet healthy and chock full of wholesome ingredients. Like bourbon :-)
This is why Kath is awesome!
The muffins were up first... I modified the recipe by subbing in coconut oil for vegetable oil, and fresh strawberries for frozen.
Gorgeous, aren't they?
Next up, the banana bread. I ended up modifying KERF's recipe quite a bit: substituting soy milk, adding some regular flour (I ran out of WW) and holding the chocolate chips. Once in the loaf pan, I covered the bad boy with chopped walnuts, because that's how I roll.
40 minutes later... wow.
These bananas went to Heaven. To think that we might have just tossed them in the trash! Always save overripe bananas and stick 'em in the freezer, they are great for baking, smoothies or banana soft serve (giggity).
I am off to indulge in some True Blood... Season 2, that is. Not the Season 3 premiere episode that starts in 34 minutes :-( Alas, we do not have HBO and probably won't be subscribing for this one show. Does anyone have some tips on where to find the new episodes online?