Hello :-) My name is Laura, I'm a twenty-something and writing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
When I created this blog, I was entering a new phase of life, having just completed my undergraduate degree in professional communication. While I enjoyed being back at school and immersing myself in my studies, my diet and fitness routine took a backseat to everything else that was going on. It was time for a change!

Let's back up a moment. My full time gig is in the concert business, where I plan concert marketing for three venues here in Milwaukee. Each is a historic building, which make for unique settings for concerts. Over the years we've hosted a multitude of artists in a variety of genres. The job is absolutely my dream job, however with the whirlwind activity of concerts every single night during the fall (ROCKtober is the busiest month) and spring, it's hard to keep a fitness routine going.

Inspired by healthy living bloggers - Kath Eats Real FoodCarrots 'N' Cake and The Fitnessista were among the first I started reading - I started this blog to chronicle my journey of fitness / nutrition, by sharing photos and writing about meals, workouts, and everyday life - that is, my life that's "backstage" from my rock n' roll job.

Did I mention that I LOVE FOOD? That's an absolute truth. I was a vegetarian earlier in life, and returned to my vege title about four years ago. I eat fish and seafood occasionally, and of course I love cheese (I am from Wisconsin, duh!), however have pretty much cut out cow's milk. I think that makes me a pesco-ovo-cheese-o (haha) vegetarian? In Milwaukee, at most restaurants there are vegetarian options aplenty so I can usually find some good eats. At home, I love to try out new recipes, especially for baked goods.
This blog has helped to keep me accountable for my fitness and nutritional goals, and I've appreciated having the creative outlet as well. The healthy living, fitness and food blogging communities are absolutely fantastic, full of talented, funny and caring individuals whom I've enjoyed meeting and carousing with at conferences such as the Healthy Living Summit and Foodbuzz Festival (attended both in 2010). 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my journey here at Backstage Balance. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments - my email address is laura.r.mueller at gmail dot com.