Friday, April 29, 2011

One more update: Kate's evening gown

One word: Stunning!

Thanks to Tiffany for the article linkage :-)

The Royal Wedding: Le sigh.

Who was up early and swooning over every detail of the Royal Wedding? This girl!
As a history buff, a person addicted to The Tudors and having been fascinated with London since I visited at the age of 10, I was beyond excited for today's wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

Last fall, when the couple became engaged, I did a post on their gorgeous and unique engagement ring.

As interested as I am in the details of the wedding, I also find it fascinating from an economical / political perspective. Dated as the monarchy may be, it draws hundreds of thousands of tourists to the country and generates millions for the economy each year. The marriage of Prince William and Kate is said to have renewed interest on a global level in Britain's monarchy, which will drive tourism for years to come. Good stuff :-)

Here are a few favorites from today's media coverage:


Monday, April 25, 2011

Puppies change everything

Heyo, friends - how's your Monday going?

When I last checked in, I shared just how awesome being a homeowner can be. As in when the furnace needs repair and then the next weekend, the dryer goes out. Ah, the joys of owning a home.

Well, we ended up going with this one - this sleek, yet relatively cheap Frigidaire from Sears. I now love Sears.
(image source)
The very same day, we ended up making another major decision and investment in our home, but this one was a lot more fun...

A puppy! I mean, come on, look at that smile... who could possibly resist? 

... and we've had our hands full ever since. 

He's an Australian Shepherd mix, 15 weeks old and very naughty. 
Apparently toilet paper is really fun to play with. Who knew?

We've renamed him Clay - for his unique red merle coloring, and of course for our favorite Green Bay Packer - Clay Matthews!
(image source)
Once he's fully grown, he'll be a big boy like Clay.

Our 'original' pets, Blue and Rufus, have been skeptical about the puppy, but for the most part are accepting. It's pretty hilarious to see their daily interactions. 

You do the talking: Do you have pets? What are their names, and what are the stories behind them? 
If you have more than one pet, what was it like when you welcomed the new one?

When we introduced Blue to our apartment where Rufus was reigning as king, we had to keep them separated for several weeks before they could be in the same room without getting defensive. Blue was Rufus's first dog, and Rufus was Blue's first cat! Now, they are old pals.