Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A girl can dream: Kate Middleton's ring

Disclaimer: I'm not much into celebrities, or material things, so this post is a rarity for me. BUT it's a fun one, so just play along :-)

As you may have heard, Prince William of England is now engaged to marry long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton. 

Side note: Good for them for waiting several (nine?) years, that's what modern couples should do (in my opinion).
He proposed to her with his mother's - Princess Diana's - gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring, which he reportedly carried around for three weeks before popping the question. Aww.
(image source)

I am a fan of Diamond Nexus Labs and their lab-created, but authentic gemstones. You get the same beautiful end result, but without the blood and politics (and cost!) of mined stones. 

Check out DNL's Lady of Kensington replica of Princess Diana's, and now Kate Middleton's ring:

Pretty pretty, wouldn't you say? I may have to buy myself one for my upcoming 29th birthday...

I'm not engaged, but I did receive this sweet Simply Vera by Vera Wang created white sapphire ring from Zak last year for Christmas. 
Love it!

Questions for you: What celebrity's engagement ring are you lusting after? If you're engaged or married, what does your engagement ring look like? :-)


Alison said...

My engagement ring is fairly unique, but perfect for me! The diamond is princess cut and kite set (basically it's rotated half a turn, so it looks diamond shaped instead of square). There are three little marquise-shaped diamonds on each side that look like little leaves coming out of the center stone.

I love your white sapphire ring! So elegant.

Paige said...

Oh dear lord that ring is ginormous! And gorgeous:)

Positive said...

Kate Middleton ring is awesome and ancient, good style