Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday already?

Happy Monday to all... hope that everyone had a great weekend. I am looking forward to this week, I've got lots planned! 
- Monday: Hanging out with Kathie (Zak's mom) and Hannah (Zak's bro's girlfriend)
Not sure what our plans will be, maybe a late dinner?
- Tuesday: Attending the Milwaukee premiere of Public Enemies, the new Johnny Depp movie about John Dillinger (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
- Thursday: No Doubt concert at Summerfest!
- Friday / Saturday / Sunday: Summerfest, hanging out with some of my sister's friends in town from St. Louis, street festival my work is doing with Pabst Blue Ribbon (STOKED!), packing for next week's vacation in Boston, Zak comes home!
This morning, Tina from Carrots 'N' Cake wrote about Monday mini goals, which are small weekly goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of the week, thinking about all that you have planned. 
My Monday mini goal is to plan out my indulgences; this week in Milwaukee we have a huge music festival called Summerfest that runs until Sunday. I am planning to go at least twice and will need to save some calories for the great champagne (classier than beer eh?), sampler platter of appetizers and other yummy treats that are available only this one week per year. This will mean making sure to get my veggies in early each day, a la Green Monster - and eating lighter before heading to the festival grounds. Next week, my mini goal will have to do with my vacation in Boston!
On Saturday, I had a great time at Riverfront Pizzeria with my first experience taking photos of everything, food blogger style! I will be posting the full review and photos early this week. Here's a preview of the eats:
Thanks for reading, have a great day!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

San Francisco Giants' Brian Wilson is FUNNY

My Milwaukee Brewers are playing the San Francisco Giants again today.

While watching last night's game, I noticed their closer, Brian Wilson's mohawk sticking out the back of his baseball cap... then noticed the tattoos. Looks like a rock star to me! Today I did some You Tube-ing and found that he is really funny. Sarcastic, dry, sardonic and witty. 

In the spirit of this blog, I thought I should share some videos that this dude makes from his laptop... here are a few things he's shared:

- Loves Cholula hot sauce (don't we all?)
- Is "a certified ninja" (LOL!)
- Loves the 80s and "hates that the 90s ruined everything"
- Thinks that President Obama should have gotten a Doberman instead of the "something water dog," and got to meet the dog on his tour of the White House
- Started one of the video blogs "Brian Wilson tries room service" by proclaiming: 
"I am really, Really, REALLY RIDICULOUSLY HUNGRY!!!"
Umm Brian I believe that next time you feel this way, using the appropriate food blogger term, you might say you are "HANGRY?"

Anyway, I got a kick out of his videos. Also funny that he shares a name with the Beach Boys' leader and main songwriter.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Beginning

First post!!! I feel like I should be setting off fireworks or popping champagne or something. I've never blogged before and can't wait to get started.
I figure that I'll eventually do an "About" section on here or whatnot... in the meantime, here's the scoop. My name is Laura, I am 27 and living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am entering a new phase of life, having just completed my undergraduate degree (BA) in professional communication from Alverno College here in Milwaukee. I had a great time over the year or so I was back at school, however my diet and fitness routine took a backseat to balancing homework, classes, a full time job and not totally neglecting my boyfriend of 4+ years - all at the same time!
Let's back up a moment. My full time gig is in the concert business, I buy media and plan marketing for three lovely concert venues here in Milwaukee - the Pabst Theater, Riverside Theater and Turner Hall Ballroom. Each venue is a historic building, which makes for unique settings for concerts. We book tons of awesome shows every year... Tomorrow we have Diana Krall (love her!) and over the next few weeks we have Tom Jones, Fountains of Wayne, Sonic Youth, and a plethora of others. My job is very challenging, requires a lot of time outside of the normal 9-5 day, but I love it! The company has grown so much since I started back in fall of 2003 - back then we had just one venue. Our company is a non-profit organization - so all of the work we put it is going to the greater benefit of the music community in Milwaukee / Wisconsin. The music scene here has improved, and what we do has had something to do with that. This makes me proud!
The job is absolutely my dream job, however the whirlwind activity of concerts every single night during the fall (ROCKtober is the busiest month) and spring, it's hard to keep a fitness routine going. Also, with tempting catering meal options available at most of the shows and an endless supply of booze / beers... let's just say that it's time for me to step back and get balanced. 
A moment to talk about the booze. It has been said that Milwaukeeans like to party like no other city. In 2006, Forbes Magazine released some stats that called Milwaukee the hardest-drinking city in America. I am aware of this unfortunate stereotype / statistic and want to experiment with cutting back on drinking when I do go out. Lately I've been limiting myself to one or two drinks, which has worked pretty well. One of my favorite liquid libations is Bourbon whiskey, on ice.
Did I mention that I LOVE FOOD? Good lord! I was a vegetarian earlier in life, and returned to my vege title about two years ago. I eat fish and seafood occasionally, and of course I love cheese (I am from Wisconsin, duh!), however have pretty much cut out cow's milk. I think that makes me a pesco-ovo-cheese-o(ha, ha)  vegetarian? In Milwaukee, at most restaurants there are vegetarian options aplenty so I can usually find some good eats. I have a weak spot for New York-style pizza and usually indulge once a week. There's a great Pakistani lunch place that I frequent, and the chana masala is to die for. At home, I love to try out new recipes, especially for baked goods and desserts. 
Speaking of home life... I live with my wonderful boyfriend of almost FIVE YEARS - Zak! I'll be sharing more about him later on. Zak loves to cook as well, and is also a vegetarian. He eats fish but no dairy at all, and just began eating eggs again. That makes him pesco-ovo vege, right? We live in a really cool loft-type apartment and have one roommate. Also have one dog named Blue and a cat named Rufus.
I've decided to start this blog to write about meals, recipes, workouts, etc. and to chronicle my journey of fitness / nutrition. I've enjoyed reading blogs like Oh She Glows, Kath Eats Real Food, Eat Live Run, The Beholder and keep finding other great ones as well. This blog will help to keep me accountable for my fitness and nutritional goals, and I am looking forward to having the creative outlet with writing as well.
Tonight I will be celebrating my friend Kristin's birthday, and will begin the blogging process with photos from the restaurant we're trying out - Riverfront Pizzeria. I am usually the only vegetarian in the group when I go out, so I won't be surprised if I get the usual questions. 
Thanks for reading! I look forward to blog post #2 :-)