Sunday, June 28, 2009

San Francisco Giants' Brian Wilson is FUNNY

My Milwaukee Brewers are playing the San Francisco Giants again today.

While watching last night's game, I noticed their closer, Brian Wilson's mohawk sticking out the back of his baseball cap... then noticed the tattoos. Looks like a rock star to me! Today I did some You Tube-ing and found that he is really funny. Sarcastic, dry, sardonic and witty. 

In the spirit of this blog, I thought I should share some videos that this dude makes from his laptop... here are a few things he's shared:

- Loves Cholula hot sauce (don't we all?)
- Is "a certified ninja" (LOL!)
- Loves the 80s and "hates that the 90s ruined everything"
- Thinks that President Obama should have gotten a Doberman instead of the "something water dog," and got to meet the dog on his tour of the White House
- Started one of the video blogs "Brian Wilson tries room service" by proclaiming: 
"I am really, Really, REALLY RIDICULOUSLY HUNGRY!!!"
Umm Brian I believe that next time you feel this way, using the appropriate food blogger term, you might say you are "HANGRY?"

Anyway, I got a kick out of his videos. Also funny that he shares a name with the Beach Boys' leader and main songwriter.

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Anonymous said...

He is my GOD!