Wednesday, March 30, 2011

House 2, Zak & Laura 0

Disclaimer: This post may be uber boring to you if you are not a) a homeowner, b) over the age of 25, or c) into appliances. Written by Debbie Downer Laura.

Remember how last night, I said that March has kicked my a$$?

I was not kidding around.

Two weeks ago, Zak and I thought the house seemed chillier than usual.  After a couple days, we awoke to a 55º home and a furnace that was operating, making the usual noise and the like, but not heating

*cash register noise*

This weekend, while doing some laundry I was greeted with a ridiculous screeching noise from our dryer, accompanied by a hot electric smell and the dryer drum ceasing to turn. Then finally, a noise like a whale wailing.

*cash register noise*

Nobody ever said that owning a home is a walk in the park, but damn. Fingers crossed that nothing else goes wrong, anytime soon!

On the positive side, we now have two great service companies that we called in, and will keep their numbers on file. And, I have been doing a ton of online shopping tonight, which I generally enjoy... except I've never shopped for dryers. Umm, yeah. 

What, there isn't a Rue La La for home appliances? No? Damn again.

Anyhow, here are a couple of dryers that I 'like' so far. And by like, I mean I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing but find these to have interesting features and look kinda cool.
It's just kinda sexy, no?
Whirlpool WED4900XS
This one is basic, but I love the vintage look of the knobs. And it has a setting for drying jeans? Cool!

Frigidaire Infinity
Love the chrome accents. 

You Do the Talking: Have you had any major appliance failures, whether you own your home or are renting someone else's? Any humorous or horror stories?
Grumpy as I am that both things failed on us this week, I am grateful that a) the furnace didn't go out in the dead of winter and b) that I have mostly clean laundry for now, vs. mostly not clean laundry. 

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bassplr19 said...

Don't go with GE, my GE washer broke after 14 months and I believe they are getting out of the appliance business.