Thursday, April 22, 2010

I love my job.

Last night, this was my office.
Photo credit: Dale Reince
I've loved the Flaming Lips since I was about, oh, 13 years old. They had a song called "Bad Days" on the Batman Forever soundtrack (yes, really) and I found it to be totally different than any music I've ever heard before. Totally inspired, I choreographed a dance for my middle school's recital... sadly it did not make it past the auditions phase. However, the Flaming Lips' music and that audition helped me to realize a confidence in myself... and I would not be the person I am today without it!
Photo credit: CJ Foeckler
So anyway... last night... the show was incredible. You have probably heard about the Lips' colorful live shows, their constant use of confetti canons, smoke machines, ridiculous stage props, the whole bit. The energy was sky-high for the entire show and it never wavered. The set was musically sound, adventurous and exceeded any expectation a fan could have.
Photo credit: CJ Foeckler
Sh*t has been stressful at work lately, but this concert validated all of the time and effort. The whole time I watched the show, I just kept thinking... I love my job!
The Flaming Lips have a whole bunch of tour dates through July... find your city here and go see them for yourself.
Photo credit: Dale Reince

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shannon (the daily balance) said...

SO AWESOME! isn't it amazing when hard work pays off like that? looks like a great concert!