Friday, February 18, 2011

Tastes like cookie. Looks like cake.

Hola, friends on the Internets - 
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Hope that everyone out there had a great week and an even better start to the weekend. Today, I was TGIF'ing every five minutes.

After fighting a headache all morning -I blame a certain radio station's local music awards party last night, though I only had one Flaming Damsel, they made it count- a packed day at work, and 'forgetting' to eat lunch until after 3PM, I was relieved to relax at home. So far, my night has involved reruns of Beverly Hills: 90210 and making an epic dessert.
Inspired earlier in the week by Paige's hilarious frown-y face cookie cake, and Diana's cute creation, I have had cookie cake on the brain. 

I followed Diana's recipe and added a touch more granulated sugar, mostly because I was too lazy to find the appropriate measuring spoon.  My cake wasn't as pretty as Diana's (since I don't have a heart-shaped pan), however if I do say so myself, I sculpted a pretty kickin' heart. 
Who needs a fancy pan?

After baking, this evened out nicely and tasted fantastic. 

What's not to love... the buttery, velvety crumb, the melty chocolate chips, the crisp edges? 

My piece of this heart was enjoyed with some cake batter ice cream and dark chocolate hot fudge. Cause, you know, I just needed it that way. It's been a long week!

I'm off for more 90210 and hitting the hay, for an early morning workout. Ciao! 

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Anonymous said...

I never should have read this before going to bed. Now, I'm going to lay there, thinking about cookies, and cake, and heart shaped cookie cakes...and...mmmm hot fudge.


Paige said...

That's an awesome shaped heart! I thought about doing that, but I don't have teh mad skillz like you ;)

Nicole said...

This looks awesome! I also love you were watching 90210--I was watching it yesterday while lunch and cleaning the house. I LOVE the outfits! :)