Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 1st; but first...

Can someone tell me how it's already September? I mean, really? Last time I checked, it was mid-July. I think I got sucked into a vortex of work, concerts and marathon training and somehow landed on September 1st. Yikes!

In all seriousness, I love September. The weather is usually remains summer-like around here, with the bonus of the beautiful changing colors of the leaves. I've always enjoyed raking leaves outside, and this year I'll have the company of two dogs in the yard instead of just one. I can't wait to take photos of Clay and Blue playing in the leaf piles.

Trail riding on horseback is always pleasant in the fall, and I imagine my long runs on the city trail will be as well. All of those colors, that delicious leaf smell in the air, plus slightly cooler temperatures? Bring it on, September.

Tonight (actually, right now) we have TV on the Radio, who in my opinion are one of the most creative bands in indie rock. Their live show is as incredible as people have described to me, and this is the first time they've ever played one of our venues. Plus, they have a trombonist for the tour, which is awesome because back in middle school I played that instrument. I've got mad love for the 'bones! 
I should really get inside the theater and enjoy the show, but I've seen so many "September Goal" type posts that I'm inspired to write my own. So here ya go - Seven goals for September:

1. Give the final month of marathon training my best. 
I haven't written much about it on the blog, but I've been training for a marathon since late May. There haven't been too many "I love this!" moments, which I have found to be discouraging, but nobody said that I have to do another marathon after I complete this one. The main reason I'm doing it is to accomplish another marathon before my 30th birthday in December. 
For the final 4 weeks leading to the marathon (October 2), my goal is to treat each training run like it's individually important: fueling and hydrating properly leading up to the run and afterwards, and stretching / icing immediately afterwards. Since I've been running so much, I've become sloppy with some of the details, and in these final weeks it will be important to re-focus and become methodical with all of these elements. 

2. Give marathon training a rest... literally
Yes, that's right. On the rest days of my marathon training plan, I need to actually rest and not attempt to do one million things besides training. In the past month I've only watched 1.5 movies, and have taken zero naps. Something is wrong with this picture! Isn't one of the best parts about heavy training plans, taking naps? I've been missing out!

3. Bring back date night
I feel like this one has been on my list every month for forever (aka the entire seven years Zak and I have been together) and I'm determined to get it right this month. Dates are important to resuscitate romance in a long-term relationship between two busy people. I would love to finally go out for our anniversary (which was about 4 weeks ago). I can't remember the last time I got all dolled up for no other reason than date night! A minimum of one date for September is my goal.

4. Try cooking with new (to me) foods
I'm looking at you, box of quinoa that's sat on the shelf for three months! I really want to try making quinoa, it's nutrient-dense and a great source of protein for vegetarians. There are a ton of killer blog recipes and I'd like to try a few. I would also like to make the Mmmm Sauce everyone keeps talking about, and something with eggplant. 

5. S-t-r-e-t-c-h more frequently
I won't go into too much detail here - I pretty much need to stretch 5x more than I am currently. I feel like a tight rubber band most of the time, which is not comfortable or cute. This girl needs some yoga back in her life!

6. Figure out what the hell I want to do with the next five years of my life
Okay, this is an ambitious goal, and obviously I can't plan something like this out. But what I can do is realistically outline some things that I'd like to have happen within the next five years. I would like to realize my vision for this next chapter of my life. Lululemon has a neat goal-setting worksheet that employees work with, I may use this tool to help with this goal.

7. Spend more time with family
When my work schedule gets crazy, family time becomes more difficult. When this happens, It makes me feel like a bad daughter / sister / not-in-law to Zak's family (since he and I aren't married). 
This month, I want to schedule some time with my family - my parents, especially - so that I have that to look forward to. Grilling out at my parents house? A Brewers game? Sounds great! Also, I'll be visiting my sister for 4.5 days next week, which will be relaxing and just what we need for our sisterhood. In fact, next week at this time, my plane will already have landed at Colorado Springs and we'll be hanging out at her apartment! I can't wait, it will be so fun to hike together during the Pikes Peak Challenge again as well.
So there you have it, these are my goals that I'll work on this month. What will you focus on during September?


Alysha said...

You must make Mama Pea's Mmmm Sauce - it changed my life - and has me on a mission to find new ways to use nutritional yeast (my new favorite ingredient). What marathon are you training for? I'd love to do the Milwaukee marathon in 2012 (I'll be 26, so the timing seems right!).

My goals for Sept. are preparing dried beans (I usually open up a can) and have a strong race for my half marathon on Sept. 18.

Living N Learning said...

I am going to focus on starting my last full year of college off on the right foot. No procrastinating, putting forth the necessary effort to succeed, oh and maybe actually studying for exams!

Alison said...

Would "not-in-law" make you an "outlaw?" :)

September is the month for moving forward with baby plans for me - like actually figuring out where to register and what stuff we'll need, and signing up for childbirth classes!

AnnieM said...

woohoo can't wait to see you in just a few days! Pikes Peak or bust!

Lindsay @ Summit Sandwiches said...

Yay for Pikes Peak! I really can't wait for it. It happens to lie on the weekend after my very first med school exam (gulp...can't wait till it's over), so the whole experience should be totally stress free and amazing! I stress free as hiking a 14,000 ft mountain can be? You know what I mean...:) Either way, I'm looking forward to our hike extravaganza!

Sarah said...

I plan to focus on getting back to a more regimented healthy eating plan and more time for fitness. I have really swayed from both and have taken way too many short cuts and made excuses.

I turn 30 the first week in October so September is all about getting myself healthy and happy before then and the best way I can think to celebrate 30 is to look stellar in a good pair of jeans!