Monday, November 16, 2009

Forecast includes Sunshine [Burgers]

Happy Monday, everyone!
Zak and I had a great weekend... the majority of our stuff is moved to our new apartment, and we spent our first night there yesterday evening!
We have a LOT of unpacking to do, and work to be done at the old place, but it feels so great to have most of the daunting task completed. We even brought over the animals and they are making themselves right at home.
Check out Rufus cruising down the stairs, ha.
It will also be good to get back to normal, healthy-food wise. Over the weekend, I lived off of green tea and Larabars! Now that we're at the new place, we went grocery shopping and purchased some healthy, whole foods.
For breakfast, I had some Wallaby organic raspberry yogurt - this was on sale for $.98.
Side note - my "new" grocery store has TONS of organic stuff in the dairy case! It was like hearing a chorus of angels sing when I laid eyes on this spread. Wow!
Back to breakfast. I had never tried "Australian-style" yogurt before. It tasted pretty usual and yogurt-y, save for a slightly grittier texture. Good, but 20g of sugar in this tiny 6oz serving.
For lunch, I enjoyed some sauteed veggie leftovers with a 'SouthWest' organic Sunshine Burger on top.
This flavor rocks! I LOVE that these are made from raw sunflower seeds and a variety of other whole foods. Check it out:

Ingredients: Organic ground raw sun-flower seeds Organic Brown Rice Organic Carrots Organic Black Beans Organic Bell Peppers Organic Cilantro Organic Garlic Organic Jalapeno Peppers Organic Ground Cumin Seeds Organic Onion Sea Salt

I feel just fine about putting these ingredients into my bod!
A lot of my coworkers asked what smelled so good as I reheated it in the microwave! I love the look on their faces when they hear me say "vegan" or "vegetarian," haha.
I brought a honeycrisp apple for a snack, and will be enjoying it with some Justin's Natural maple almond butter. Great fuel for a busy afternoon at the office.
Plans for tonight include more unpacking (boo); but beforehand, a "Ladies' Night" dinner at The Melting Pot with my favorite gal pals. Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm totally jealous of your grocery store! None of the Pick's have that much organic dairy around me!

Laura said...

Mel - the one on Holt Ave. in Milwaukee is wondrous! I think it's all of the picky people that live in Bay View :-)