Friday, November 13, 2009

Top Self-Defense Resources

Alright, I am removing my post from last night because I don't want to perpetuate anger or fear.
This blog is all about a healthy, positive outlook on life... which includes getting upset where appropriate, but afterwards reflecting on what happened and getting smarter for the future.
Instead of ranting about the three dudes who threw stones at me last night, I'd like to share some top self-defense tips that I found through a simple web search. Hopefully you will never need to use these methods, but it's good to have the knowledge and to be prepared for any situation.
Top Online Self Defense Resources
1. - a great source, chock full of information.
Top Tips:
Be Aware. "Awareness is one of the most important things in Self Defense. By being aware of your surroundings, many threats on the streets can be avoided."
Trust your instincts. "If you see or sense problems on your way, just change your route and - prepare to run or defend yourself."
2. From Good Morning America - linked to this article is a free video download of ten easy-to-learn self-defense techniques, produced by two teenagers with the goal of empowering women.
Top Tip: Featured as the title of the video, the girls encourage women to "Yell FIRE" when being attached. "Nowadays, when people hear 'HELP' it's so often yelled and no one cares. Or if someone says the word rape or abducted, people are afraid... When you yell 'FIRE,' it draws the attention of onlookers."
Bonus: In the video, Evangeline Lily and Josh Holloway from "Lost" make cameo appearances.

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