Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Couch-to-15k in 31 days?

Hello, friends. How's your Hump Day going?

I am working tonight, we've got GAYNGS at one of the venues - they are an indie supergroup of sorts, featuring members of Bon Iver, Megafaun, The Rosebuds and a bunch of other bands. I am not exactly clear on just how many band members will be taking the stage tonight, but I do know to expect white leisure suits, balloons and beards. Should make for an interesting night on the job!

I have no food photos for you, as today I have consumed absolutely nothing worth sharing with the world. I am pretty sure every item I ate so far has been made of at least 75% 'bad' carbohydrates. But that's okay! I will start fresh tomorrow, or perhaps when I finally get home I'll prepare another pumpkin monster smoothie.

So, you're probably thinking, quit rambling and share what your "Couch-to-15k in 31 days?" subject means? Well, after completing the Pikes Peak Challenge it was just a matter of time before I identified another event to train for. My sister just completed her first 15k (goooooo Annie!), and asked me if I'd be interested in running another with her when she visits at the end of October. At first I hesitated... then I thought, "Why the heck not?"

Thus, I need to find a great Couch-to-15k training program, and fast! I realize that this is an ambitious goal, and think I'll be fine no matter what (we won't be running for speed), however after climbing Pikes Peak I feel that this will be attainable. 

Now, the "Couch" word was selected because I haven't done much cardio since returning from Colorado 3 weeks ago. Instead, I've been spending a lot of time glued to my desk chair or, yes, my couch. However, as part of my training for the hike I did do a lot of running and long distance run / walks. I just need to get back in the groove. I plan on following the final 4 weeks of Hal Higdon's 15k 'Novice' training guide, with the longest run being 8 miles. Piece of cake, right?

I plan to lean heavily on my boyfriend as a training companion (and possibly team companion for the Oct. 30th race!). He is very fast, but has an open offer to run with me if I don't take too many walking breaks. In the past, my walking breaks have been prohibitive to our shared workouts. This is one hurdle I hope that I can finally get over.

Alas, the training plan - Hal's notes in bold, mine underneath, with work notes thrown in for fun. Now you can see why it's so tricky to balance my schedule!

Week 4 (I plan to start my weeks on Sundays)

Sunday 10/03
50 min. Cross-training
Ahh... walking? I think that would be nice. Plus, horseback riding.
Broken Social Scene concert. Cool show, but may have to miss this one in favor of rest after a crazy weekend.

Monday 10/04
Stretch & Strengthen
Yoga and a weight-training session?

Tuesday 10/05
3 mi. Run
Sure! Will plan bring trainer Zak
Jimmy Eat World concert. Does dancing count as cross-training? (YES!)

Wednesday 10/06
45 min. Cross-training
High on Fire, aka ridiculous metal concert at work. Can't. Miss!

Thursday 10/07
3 mi. Run + Strength
May have to finally try out a lunchtime workout. My gym is one block away... 
Nick Lowe concert. Oh yeah, a singer-songwriting legend. Can't wait to hear "Cruel to be Kind" live.

Friday 10/08
Huh? I may have to flip this to one of the nights I'm working... or just enjoy a night at home with Zak!

Saturday 10/09
4 mi. Run
This seems light for a weekend run. However, some friends are getting married and I may not have time for a long run. Will plan for the 4 miles, plus at least 60 min. of dancing at their reception!

As you can see, my main goal for this first week of training will be to finally fit in a workout over my lunch hour, which I somehow have never done before. Wish me luck!

I am off to the GAYNGS show. Have a great night!

Question - What event or race are you currently training for? And, any tips for how to squeeze in workouts during the workday? Paige, if you're reading this I could definitely use your personal trainer tips :-D


AnnieM said...

Go sister!! :-D
I'm not very good at getting in a workout during the workday. I usually hit the gym right after work and I find that changing into my gym clothes before I leave the clinic helps actually get me to the gym. It's too tempting to "stop by" home first which turns into a snoogle party..

postcollegecook said...

We have a locker room and showers in our building at work, but honestly I am too embarrassed to walk through the office in my workout clothes (which I would have to do in order to exit the building for a run). So after work it is for me, which is always a struggle when it's dark out after work. I have found that meeting running buddies before work gives me the motivation to get out of bed early though.