Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Frugalista: Activia Desserts coupon

I would like to introduce a new feature on Backstage Pass... 'Frugalista' posts!
Each week I will feature a 'Frugalista' post with tips on coupons, discount codes, etc. One of my hobbies is coupon scouting so that I spend less on the 'boring' stuff (cleaning products, pet stuff, TP), so that I have more cash for the 'fun' stuff (clothes, shoes, etc.).
For this week - in conjunction with a Foodbuzz contest, here is a $1 off coupon for Activia Desserts. Simply click the link to access the printable coupon.
With flavors like strawberry cheesecake and peach cobbler, Activia Desserts sound pretty tasty. I am not a big fan of their lengthy and hard-to-pronounce ingredients, however have heard that the probiotic contained, Bifidus Regularis®, really does help regulate the digestive system. I have friends that swear by the product, but have not yet tried it myself. You be the judge.
Anyhow, print off the coupon and watch for a sale at your local grocery store, then snag a deal. I'd recommend purchasing on a day where your grocery has a 'double coupon' night so that you could potentially get $2 off. Let me know what you think of the product!

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