Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pikes Peak Challenge: A little humor, and those famous donuts

Training for the Pikes Peak Challenge has been a journey.

Along the way, by reading up on the Barr Trail and hiking '14er' mountains like Pikes Peak, I've collected great advice. Some of it has been really humorous as well.

From the Pikes Peak homepage (yep, the mountain has a website), regarding safety on the trail: For your own safety, it's best not to feed wild life. Mammals may have fleas that carry diseases like the bubonic plague. Also, ground squirrels may accidentally bite the hand that feeds them.

I definitely don't want to get the bubonic plague next weekend, so I guess I'll skip handing out snacks to critters along the way.

From Celebrazio, via a suggested pack list for hiking a '14er': Small daypack: 2000-3000 cu in. minimum for summit attempt. Fanny pack also a consideration.

I would love to see my sister's reaction if I brought a fanny pack on this hike.

And thanks to the Colorado GuyI am now mentally prepared for the very end of the hike:
I was warned about the 16 Golden Stairs, but as painful and steep as they were, by then I had some adrenaline going because I knew the hike was almost over. By the way, I counted the switchbacks to the top and I it wasn't 16 ... it was more like 27 or 28 staircases. ;)

And finally, though this will be a strenuous 13+ mile hike covering 7,400 vertical feet, there is a shop at the summit house that sells donuts. This is America, after all.

Apparently they are quite famous. I found a donut blog that recaps an experience with them, where they were served by EMTs.

The aforementioned Colorado Guy loves them. And this food blogger claims they were the best donuts she's ever had, ever.

I'm thinking that trying one of these donuts is a must. I even found a coupon for a free one.
Hilarious. I printed 4 copies so that I can share with my team. We'll need to replace those calories torched by the hike somehow, right?

Question: What food item would you most want waiting for you at the top once you summit a mountain? Donuts are pretty great, however I'd love to find cupcakes or perhaps smoothies as well.


Kristina @ spabettie said...

nice!! how great is that, a donut shop at the peak!! :) those look good... and well deserved when you get there!

yikes - don't feed those squirrels!

Kayla @ Let's Live Wholesome said...

Every long group bike ride I do they always have doughnuts at the end, and I always wanna grab one, but don't! This post has inspired me otherwise :-)

Paige (Running Around Normal) said...

oh man...something really refreshing. Actually..a donut probably wouldn't sound too bad! haha

Lindsay @ Summit Sandwiches said...

I wish I could have homemade pizza on top of a mountain. Usually, I go with a PB & J...even though it doesn't have quite the same appeal as pizza, it always hits the spot. Just for the record, Pikes Peak also sells fudge at that gift shop. You can never go wrong with fudge consumption after a 13 mile hike! :)

Nicci@NiftyEats said...

I'll take a cupcake too. lol