Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This is not a mirage. Plus, cupcakes.

It's real! Egad! Finally!

July came and went, and somehow it's August 3rd. Ten days away from the Healthy Living Summit - can't wait - and 38 days until I climb Pikes Peak. In other words, it's crunch time.
After posting about the Pikes Peak Challenge, I reached out to Lindsay from Summit Sandwiches for some advice. She gave me some great training tips, which I will be posting soon. Thanks again, Lindsay!

Last week I jumped into training for the hike, here's what the plan (for now) is:
Monday - 1 hour run / walk + arms
Tuesday - 20 min. run + leg work
Wednesday - 1 hour run / walk
Thursday - 20 min. run + arms
Friday - rest day / cross train + leg work
Saturday - 1.5 hour run / walk
Sunday - Horseback riding + 20 min. run

This is what I intend to follow for the next couple weeks, anyhow. I need to fit in some stair workouts, there are a couple high school stadiums nearby whose bleachers I intend to use.

This past Saturday, I set out for an hour-long walk that turned into a 6.2 mile run / walk. I finally seemed to have found my stride! I finished in just over an hour and felt great, and soooooo sweaty. It's funny, I never thought I would describe being ridiculously sweaty as a positive thing?

Enough about that, time for some food porn :-) Recently, I checked out The Milwaukee Cupcake Company, the first known cupcake boutique in the area. I picked up a 4-pack of cupcakes, each named after a Milwaukee-metro neighborhood.
From bottom left, clockwise: The Cream City - Vanilla Bean, The Tosa - Salted Caramel, The Fox Point - Chocolate Coconut, The North Shore - Red Velvet.
Out of all flavors, the Tosa - Salted Caramel was the standout. Think caramel-laced buttercream frosting, fluffy Devil's food cake base and a surprise gooey caramel center. I'd like another, please!

Second best was the Cream City - Vanilla Bean, and I thought that the Fox Point - Chocolate Coconut and North Shore - Red Velvet were mediocre at best. Not sure if my batch was a tad stale or what, these 'cakes just didn't float my boat. I shall have to visit again soon and give them another chance :-)

Anyhow! Time to get to bed, I've got training in the morning and cupcakes to dream about.

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Anonymous said...


Sad that I didn't run into at the HLS. I live in the MIlwaukee area and am enjoying your posts. It's always nice to see something that is familiar! I actually went to MIlwaukee Cupcake Company about 2 weeks ago and had the same experience with the Red Velvet. The PB cup one however is decadent! Make sure to try it if you enjoy PB!

Good luck with your Pike's Peak Challenge! :)