Monday, August 9, 2010

4 miles and then some.

The weekend went by in a flurry of activity!
Had fun Friday night at Point Fish Fry & A Flick, the crowd ended up being huuuuge - like several thousand people huge. Awesome. Zak and buddy Jason enjoyed the outdoor bowling lanes before the movie.
Saturday, I got my hair 'did and then partook in the Wisconsin State Fair with some friends.
I ate this,
and it was delicious. Gotta love Wisconsin potatoes, especially when covered with a fiesta.
Then on Sunday, attended a bridal shower for a coworker. Was totally elegant and there were delicious dishes, including Red Velvet Chocolate Cake Balls.
So tonight, after a full day of work and a to-do list that just wouldn't quit, I was ready to SWEAT.
Nerd alert!
I walked / ran 4.58 miles through my 'hood - the part that hasn't been scathed by State Fair traffic, that is. Check out this sign that my neighbors so lovingly made.
I wish this was a joke.
Did I mention our house is just 6 blocks from the fairgrounds? It gets really nutty around here and people sell parking spots on their lawns. Which is great, unless your lawn can only fit a few cars. And 3 cars x '5$' per car is... 15$.
Anyhoo, Zak had time to kill while I was out, and I came home to a beautiful. Clean. Kitchen!!!
He even cleaned the fridge. The FRIDGE IS SPARKLING CLEAN. Hallelujah!
[Not that the kitchen was that messy to begin with. I did clean top-to-bottom on Saturday since my friends came over. However things seemed to get a little cluttered when a certain gentleman came home on Sunday. Hmmm.]
Since he's a man after my heart, he found an illustration I've been meaning to frame / hang up. I bought this last fall from Dwellephant, one of the coolest dudes ever.
Perfect for a kitchen! And for a peanut butter-obsessed couple, such as ourselves :-)
Check out this piece that Dwellie made me. Pretty much the coolest thing anyone has ever done for me. I feel this expresses my inner self.
I was mysteriously asked A) My favorite animal? and B) My favorite drink? by his lovely and equally bodacious wife Dori, and a few weeks later they presented me with this as a gift. There were no words. Just awesome!
Go and check out Dwellephant's handiwork on Etsy. Go!
Back to tonight. Post-workout, my stomach felt janky (yes, janky), so I kept things chill with some watermelon and cottage cheese.
After photographing, I decided this looked entirely too boring so I added some trail mix for healthy fats and crunchiness.
Much better.
The Week Ahead:
Tomorrow - Worker bee all day, then Keane with Ingrid Michaelson and Fran Healy at our big venue. As if that isn't awesome by itself, we have Rufus Wainwright with Martha Wainwright at the Pabst. Hooray!
Wednesday - Worker bee x2, then Melissa Etheridge - also at the Riverside
Thursday - Hanson at the Pabst. That's fine and dandy, however I will be high-tailing it out of town on a train to Chicago, headed for the Healthy Living Summit! G'ahhhhh!
More on that tomorrow. Goodnight!
Question of the Evening: What's your favorite animal? And, what's your favorite drink? :-)

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