Thursday, December 9, 2010

Glambassador Review: Olay 'Luscious Embrace' Beauty Bar

This post is sponsored by Glamour Magazine, for whom I participate as a 'Glambassador' beauty product reviewer. The product was provided to me for review, and the following is my 100% honest opinion.

Today, I tried out a new product from Olay - their 'Luscious Embrace body bar with massaging design.'

Upon removing the bar from its packaging, I immediately liked the sweet 'crushed orchid extract' scent. I'm an orchid kind of girl.

Check out the little nubbies!

My review? Loved it. I am typically a body wash only user, and I could see myself converting a few times a week for this bad boy. The main reason?

The 'massaging design' felt great, and reminded me of a foam roller. With it, I  found knots on my quads / calves and worked them a bit. This soap isn't going to do the work of a deep-tissue massage, but it might help you feel better after a tough workout, or in my case, a night of dancing like an idiot at a Taio Cruz concert

Post-shower, I barely felt the need to use body lotion. This product is pretty moisturizing!

The cons? The ingredients list is full of words I can't pronounce. This criteria normally applies to stuff I eat, but it may as well start being important for the products I use on my body's largest organ - my precious skin. There are lots of chemical names, and I'm not sure I dig that.

Also, I am not sure that this product is on the market yet - I can't find it on the Olay website or via Google search. Therefore, I can't tell you how much these will cost, or where you can find them. Stay tuned, I guess?

Question for you - Have you tried out a new product recently? Any hot new ones out there that I should know about?

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