Sunday, December 20, 2009

Five more sleeps 'til Christmas...

Can you believe that Christmas is a mere five nights / four days away?
This weekend was a great time with a holiday party hosted by my dear friends Jason and Heather. I didn't get any photos, but let me just say Zak chose to wear his rockin' 'ugly' Xmas sweater and it was a big hit. I tried out a new dress and may be repeating it on New Year's Eve! Earlier in the day, I fulfilled some maid of honor duties by trekking to Stone Manor Bridal in Cedarburg with my bff Stefanie. Her wedding gown arrived and we went for her first fitting! I cannot divulge photos of the bride (her fiance might read this blog!), but I had fun "holding" a veil while she tried others on...
There's a lot to be excited for this week... my sister is coming in from Colorado on Tuesday evening!! I haven't seen her since September and while we talk nearly every day online, it will be so great to give her a big hug and spent some quality sista time ;-)
Christmas Eve will find my family of four gathered together, enjoying our now custom Tom & Jerry's and exchanging gifts. Then there's Christmas Day, and lots planned with both the families, and coincidentally it will be my final day as a 27-year old. That's right, Saturday I will turn 28!
I am happy to turn 28, but a little hesitant to be closer to the big 3-0. This past year has been so incredible, with travels and time spent with friends, graduating from college and discovering a new passion in horseback riding. Hopefully my 28th year will continue with the positive changes and personal growth. House hunting? Applying for business school, hmm?
As for the actual birthday itself, nothing huge is planned as of yet. It's great to have a Saturday after several years of weeknights :-D
In preparation for this weeks events, I've been cooking and baking up a storm. Here are some recent foodie meanderings...
Caramelized onion, baby bella and spinach frittata.
Vegetarian refried bean dip with dos salsas and creamy havarti.
Wonderful frozen banana soft serve. Gena, this recipe did change my perspective!
And finally, a petit dessert with baked sweet potato.
Now that Internet service is plentiful and ready, I hope to post more frequently. Coming soon: Zak and I visited his sister and her fiance in Chicago a couple weeks back. While there we experienced some great Indian / Nepalese cuisine, and visited a favorite brunch spot. Reviews and photos to follow!

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avagdro said...

Thanks Laura ,Sounds delicious n Yummy.WIsh you a joyful Xmas n New Year eve ahead.

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