Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tonight - The Guy Fieri Live Roadshow, Top 10 Indulgences, Taste and Memory

It has been an embarrassingly long time since I've posted, yikes. While I have certainly wanted to post, work has been super busy and I've been without Internet access at the new apartment.
Don't cry for me, my blog friends - I have arranged for Internet (and CABLE!) to be installed at home next week. I'll be back to daily blogging at that time!
Tonight, we have Guy Fieri (yes, from Food Network) at the Riverside Theater for his live road show, called FOOD MEETS ROCK! It should be interesting! I've heard reports of a 5-foot blender on wheels, awesome... two cases of Cuervo that were purchased for the opening act, Australian 'flair bartender' Hayden Wood... and huge quantities of food that are waiting to be cooked up into tasty dishes. Love it!
What's your favorite Guy Fieri show on Food Network?
There's a video clip of his live show, I just checked it out... looks like there's an entire kitchen that will be built onstage! Of course he comes out to "Kickstart my Heart" by Motley Crue! Haha. I will be attending the show and will provide a review, stay tuned!
In other foodie news... Tina posted today with a recap of a tasting event she attended, and mentioned that cheese and champagne are two of her top ten indulgences of all time.
Umm, cheese and champagne are definitely among my top ten indulgences as well! This got me thinking about my "list" and here it is:
Top Ten Food / Beverage Indulgences
1. Bourbon
I know, you don't hear a lot of women claiming this as their top indulgence! I have no idea how it started, but I love love LOVE a good bourbon, served on the rocks. My favorite brand is currently Basil Hayden's, from the family of Jim Beam small batch bourbons.
2. Fine cheeses
I got hooked while visiting France! It's always fun to try a cheese plate at a restaurant, I often order it as my entree. Especially great: camembert, brie and other soft French cheeses.
3. Formal cakes
Hello, wedding cake? Top flavor contender is red velvet cake with buttercream frosting. I am the maid of honor in my friend's upcoming wedding, and she gave me half of her red velvet sample cake. Giggity.
4. Chocolate truffles
I love to visit chocolatiers while vacationing, and purchase gifts as souvenirs for my parents. Favorite chocolate this year was from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Colorado Springs, in particular their sea salt caramels.
5. Scotch
Another atypical acquired taste of mine. The Macallan is superb.
6. Champagne
Another taste acquired in France. Though I drink it rarely (New Year's mostly), I enjoy it thoroughly. What's not to love about champagne?
7. Pizza
It's one of those things I just could not do without. Love that pizza can be as naughty or as healthy as you care to make it. One thing that's a must is red sauce, though... I am not a fan of sauce-less or weird sauce pizzas.
8. French Onion soup
Meat-sensitive types beware... though I am a vegetarian and do not eat beef, I do love this soup (it usually is made with a beef broth). The melted Gruyere cheese on top is the best part.
9. Gummy red candies
On the rare occasion I purchase sugar candies, they have to be gummy and red. Red coins, licorice, Swedish Fish, Twizzlers, etc.
10. Coffee
I consider it to be an indulgence because if I have too much, I get jittery and weird. I especially love a some extra hot espresso with a few fresh Italian cookies, a la Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village with my Mom in 2007.
There you have it!
What are your top ten indulgences?
Taste and Memory
While compiling my top ten, something I found to be fun yet unexpected were all of the memories that surfaced. While writing, I mentioned a particular cup of espresso that was shared with my Mom, over some special cookies we bought at Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street, while visiting New York City. I tasted my first champagne while visiting France, and can remember that afternoon quite well despite it having occurred over ten years ago. As for the bourbon memories... those are a bit fuzzier, yet still some of my favorites ;-) Perhaps the main reason that I enjoy these foods and beverages on my list, is because of such fond memories.
This article from the New York Times discusses how scientists tie taste and memory together, suggesting that taste (like smell) "bypasses the part of the brain that is logical and educable and travels directly to primitive brain, seat of instinct and memory." It's an interesting read!
Talk to you guys soon :-D


Ali said...

I really love this list! You are too funny!!!!

My favorite thing is listening to tunes that bring me back to memories- so awesome!

Julie @savvyeats said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! For some reason, my "you have a comment" alert never went off, so i just got your message.

If you're ever in the Madison area and want to meet up, let me know :)

Anonymous said...

It's amazing all of the memories we create surrounding food! What a neat list... I have to agree about coffee. It's a total indulgence, but quite the addiction!

I can't wait to hear more about the show! Sounds like so much fun.

Augh, this weather IS insane!!! My car wouldn't start in the parking lot at school today... it took be about 5 FREEZING cold minutes to get it going. I'm already missing summer!