Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New year, new workout gear

Happy 2010, blog friends!
Check it out - one of my favorite stores, Forever 21, now carries workout gear!
Now we can all pick up acid-washed sweatpants and metallic plaid high-tops, and look the part of fashion victims at the gym :-)
Seriously though, there are some cute duds available... I like this Heritage '81 sweatshirt and the criscross jumpsuit.
Don't really know if I'd wear the jumpsuit to anything but a dance class, but as it's impractical, it's still adorable and retro :-)
It has been pretty crazy at work, and Zak and I have scheduled to look at three homes tonight (!!!), however I started today with two simple goals:
1. Have two snacks this AM (instead of breakfast + snack): granola bar with a small banana, and almonds with a clementine.
2. Eat a healthy lunch. This will happen in about one hour, I am planning to get Pakistani (chana masala - mmmm) or a large salad.
I find that by setting mini-goals for myself at the beginning of the day, it's easier to stay focused and calm in the midst of an otherwise hectic schedule!
What are your goals for today?


Annie M said...

My goal for the day is to GET BETTER!! I called in sick and am going to try and sleep as much as possible. However, I unfortunately have to go get my stupid windshield wiper fixed because we're expecting 1-3 inches of snow tomorrow !

Allison J said...

My goal is to drink more tea, and do more pleasure reading :) OH, and to read more of your blog.

Laura said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies! :-)