Thursday, May 20, 2010

Colorado, here we come

At the wise age of 28 years old, I am comfortable enough with myself and that I can admit two things I pretty much suck at:
1. Packing for a trip... no matter how hard I "try," I procrastinate until the day I am supposed to depart. Procrastination further exemplified by this blog post, which I am doing when I really should be packing.
2. Unpacking. In this case, specifically unpacking my camera cord. I have no idea where it went after our recent move!
That's a damn shame since I've got a ton of great foodie photos to share with you. I guess they will just have to wait.
It's Midnight and I leave in 18 hours for Colorado Springs, CO. My sister lives there and is graduating with her Masters Degree in Psychology. Here's a recap from my last visit to CoS. And here's recap part 2. And some photos, why not?
Sisters atop Palmer Park overlook
Annie, contemplating the meaning of life (or is she pretending to be in a CREED music video?)
Baaaaad riding posture. Awful. But a beautiful ride.
A meester, blogging companion extraordinaire
See? Actual food on my alleged 'food blog.'
This would be a salad with vegan buffalo wings at TRiNiTY. Yeah, this was good.
Cowboys, a classy establishment which I hope to visit again this weekend.
This time, Zak and my parents are along for the journey, making it our first official vacation as the whole family. Awww :-) Plus, I haven't seen my sister since January 2nd so it's about time I meet up with her!
New Tonight:
Can I get a "heck yeah" from all of those food bloggers attending the 2010 Healthy Living Summit in Chicago? I bought my ticket tonight, can't wait to meet everyone and spend the weekend with you!

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