Thursday, September 24, 2009

More from Colorado Springs... Send me back!

Note: I wrote this post on Monday, but just got around to finishing it today. Cheers!
This post is brought to you via the awesome free WiFi at the Denver airport.
Earlier today concluded my time in Colorado Springs... so sad. I never want to leave the place!
The past couple days were a whirlwind of hikes, great food, late nights and late mornings :-) I was a bit sleep deprived before this trip, and while I did not get a solid 8 hours all weekend... I am feeling refreshed.
Saturday afternoon, we headed to the International Association of Fire Fighters memorial service for fallen firefighters. There was a procession with fire trucks and motorcycles, and then a meaningful ceremony that featured hundreds (if not thousands) of firefighters in uniform, probably several hundred of which who were part of the honor guard / bagpipe and drum ensemble.
Later, we headed to Palmer Park, a gorgeous city park that has zillions of cool trails and absolutely breathtaking views of the city. Check it out.
Saturday night in Downtown CoS, we were among the legions of firefighters, bagpipes and crazy people. Started with dinner at Phantom Canyon, checked out Jack Quinn's again and tried a new place called Cowboys.
Oh my goodness! Was it ever fun at Cowboys. We walked in and immediately saw the dance floor packed with at least 100 people doing a country line dance. I LOVE when people do coreographed dances, haha. I was beyond thrilled when the country song ended and the DJ started to play "Cha Cha Slide." THIS IS MY FAVORITE CHEESY SONG TO DANCE TO. If you don't know what I am talkin' about, check out this video. Anyone that doesn't like this can get outta here.
They even had saddles hanging next to the mirror balls - classy.
On Saturday, we decided to make brunch at Annie's and I attempted my first-ever omelette.
This was half of the 4 egg omelette, with sauteed grape tomatoes and green pepper, and pepperjack cheese & hashed browns. Yummy :-) This left me feeling pleasantly full for hours.
Later, we headed out for a hike at Ute Valley Park. We were out for about an hour, had some fun scrambling up rocks and going through a rocky creek bed. Yet another beautiful Colorado Springs city park.
After the hike, Annie suggested that we check out Old Colorado City, a tourist-y area on the other end of town, close to Garden of the Gods. She specifically was thinking we could check out Colorado City Creamery, an adorable ice cream parlor. Good thinkin', Annie!
I had a scoop of the Pikes Peak Trail ice cream, which was vanilla with chocolate fudge ribbons and mini peanut butter cups. I asked for some hot fudge on top, when the server told me to turn around and help myself at the topping bar...
WHAT!!!!!????????????? A topping bar? Could there be a more glorious idea?
Annie and I were elated at the sight of this thing. We helped ourselves to copious amounts of toppings... hot fudge, hot butterscotch, sprinkles, marashino cherries, marshmallow sauce. Giggity.
After ice cream, we checked out some shops in Old Colorado City. I snagged a sweet leather belt for myself, and a Green Bay Packers belt buckle as a gift for Zak :-)
What a great time in Colorado Springs! Thanks again to Annie for being the hostess with the most-est.
See you soon for another post... I am off to Chicago tonight for a Sunny Day Real Estate concert at the Metro.

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