Monday, September 7, 2009

Artifacts of Americana: Part 1

Will be keeping this post short a la Labor Day... 
We returned yesterday from the Rock River Thresheree camping excursion. Fun trip!
I fully intended to take lots of food photos, but found it much more interesting to photograph the various American artifacts we saw along the way at the flea market. 
So my friends, I give you this experience.
Day started with the old-school steam train (coal-powered) passing by our campsite, and some Dannon plain yogurt and 1/2 a crumbled Kashi bar - mmm.
Zak made Bloody Marys for our camping companions. I enjoyed mine with double olives :-)
Then, we ventured into the flea market area for some serious shopping and haggling. I was creeped out by these rabbit dolls.
Wanted to buy this MG but Zak said no.
Our friends Jason and Heather checking out the goods...
There was an "ELK FOR SALE"
No event in Wisconsin would be complete without the availability of sausage for sale.
I wanted to get this belt buckle, however it was priced way high. 
Heather found an E.T. Plate!
Stay tuned for part 2. Hope that everyone has a safe and happy Holiday!

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Claudia said...

very fun to see..thanks for posting