Thursday, September 10, 2009

Climb every mountain...

I'd like to take a second and let you know about someone very special to me, who is about to accomplish something wonderful.
This Saturday, my sister Annie will summit Pikes Peak.
Annie is no stranger to mountains - three years ago, she volunteered at Our Chalet , one of four World Centres of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) in Adelboden, Switzerland. She lead hikes and explored the Swiss Alps, including the summit of Bunderspitz.
This Saturday, she will climb the mountain as part of the Pikes Peak Challenge, a special event from the Brain Injury Association of Colorado. The hike is the near-equivalent of a half-marathon at 13 miles, and the trail covers 7400 vertical feet. 
Annie has been training for months, both outdoors and inside. She has been a regular at Mt. Manitou Sceinic Incline, an uber-steep .09 mile grade that literally goes straight up the mountainside. She has done numerous stairclimber and treadmill workouts. She is physically prepared for this challenge of endurance .
Emotionally, Annie is strong as well. She will be climbing alongside her mentor at UCCS, and among brain injury survivors. The purpose of this event is to raise funds that will directly benefit over 2,000 survivors, families and professionals annually. I can only imagine the emotions that will be flowing as this remarkable group reaches the summit. What a meaningful experience.
This cause is especially heart-wrenching for my sister and me, as five years ago this summer we lost a close friend, Eric Jones. He died of a fatal brain injury, suffered as a result of a motorcycle accident. Though Eric didn't make it, it is a miracle to survive a brain injury, and it takes a community to help these survivors recuperate, rehabilitate and maintain a good quality of life. Though I am not a Colorado resident, I fully support Annie in her climb and involvement with this organization. More info on the Brain Injury Association of Colorado may be found here.
On this blog, I will rarely ask for your financial support - please donate to Annie's cause if you are able. Even a small contribution will help the cause. The donation page may be found here, and she is listed under "Mueller, Annie."
Sister, I couldn't be more proud of you as you prepare for this very important event. It will be an amazing accomplishment, for the brain injury survivors and for you personally. If at any point of your climb, you feel exhausted or overwhelmed - please think of all of the people you will be helping and of how much your family and friends love you. What you are doing is so important, and you will be incredible!
Thanks for your support! Please feel free to leave some comments.
Have you participated in charitable events? What causes do you hold dear?

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