Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Like, Totally... Brick 3 Pizza review, plus "Easy Desk Meals!" feature

I am writing this from my office, where I have been uber busy and listening to the Psychedelic Furs sound check. They are playing tonight at the Pabst with Happy Mondays and Amusement Parks on Fire.
Yep, I have already heard "Pretty In Pink," "Love My Way," and a whole bunch of songs I don't know that feature gratuitous live saxophone. Taking me back to the 80s when I was a youngin' (like really young). Tonight will be one of the fun shows this month at work, and I am pretty stoked for the shows.
Food choices today have not been so fresh / whole in nature. For lunch I headed to Brick 3 - a great New York style pizzeria - with the design staff. Jason, Brandon and Erik - and FRANK! Erik's pug mix. Isn't he cute?
Brick 3 is located in the Old World 3rd Street area of Downtown Milwaukee, and opened a few months ago. They are one of the few quick bite type of places that are open LATE - past bar time on some nights - and for those of us who work in the concert biz, it's great to get reliable food late at night. 
The highlight of their menu is, ahem, the pizza - they also have sandwich options (all for meat-eaters), a couple salads (haven't tried them), and some bakery items including cannoli. On their website, I spied calzones - I am a huge calzone fan and will have to ask about these next time.
Today, I tried the spinach and feta cheese pizza - not too bad.
I blotted the pizza with at least 5 napkins, and it still tasted a little greasier than I like. The feta tasted fresh and was mixed with the spinach... I could have done with 50% less cheese - but the combination was pleasant and texture was creamy. One slice was perfect.
Easy Desk Meal idea alert!
I have to eat so many meals at my desk, that I am going to start a new feature called "Easy Desk Meals." Today's idea - hard boiled eggs in a baggie!
Dinner, which I am having now, is two hard-boiled eggs from a sandwich baggie. The baggie is great for transporting the eggs, keeping them from making my coworker's mini fridge smell like eggs, and for breaking them without making a mess. Don't know what I mean? Gently *thwack* the bag against your desk or a hard surface to crack the shells. Remove the shells inside the baggie, and you've got peeled hard-boiled eggs without the mess.
These are Roundy's brand vegetarian, cage-free eggs. Personally, I have noticed a huge difference in quality and flavor from the usual "grade A" eggs we buy. Much tastier.
Two hard boiled eggs as a meal is a bit boring, but can be great when you add a nice green salad or fruit cup. Cheers!

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