Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Calories Burned and

Happy Tuesday to you... is it the weekend yet? Ha.
I have a quick post and a much longer one coming later.
Wanted to rap about and their awesome calculator resource.
Last Friday, I wanted to find out how many calories I had burned during my three-hour horseback trail ride.
I did a quick Google for 'calories burned horseback riding' and found this page, which has a ton of calculators for not only calories burned, but ovulation trackers, BMI index tools, etc.
The Calories Burned calculator is, like everything else out there, an estimate of what calories you have burned. However, I find that because you enter your weight and specific quantities of time, this may be pretty accurate.
I weigh about a buck fifty. I entered my weight, then scrolled down to "Horseback Riding - walking" for 180 minutes (3 hours).
Hit the 'calculate' button... and voila. This says that I burned 513 calories! Pretty cool.
My sister and I did a decent hike on Sunday - so I decided to crunch the numbers for that as well.
About one hour of hiking... 405 calories burned. Nice!
I think that this tool from is a great resource for estimating how many calories you've burned. They have a great variety of activities to choose from, to get as specific as possible.

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Anonymous said...

What a neat resource! Most of the time we have to use an average number to guess calories burned, so the calculators would be great if you want to get more specific to your own body type. Sounds like horseback riding is a great workout! :)