Monday, January 31, 2011

Music to my ears

Hello, friends - Happy Monday to you and if you're in the Midwest, Happy Blizzard Watching. 

I thought today it would be fun to go a bit off the beaten path from my typical posts, and share something fun: music. There are some great new albums around, here are a few that are on my radar.
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Bright Eyes, The People's Key, in stores Feb. 15
I've liked this artist for years and was stoked to hear that a new album was finally in the works. NPR's Robin Hilton proclaimed "This is the best record Bright Eyes has ever made. In fact, it's the best record the band's frontman, Conor Oberst, has ever been a part of. Publicists like to say as much any time an artist releases a new album, but in this case, it's actually true... career-defining work of art." Decide for yourself - you can stream the whole shebang for free here (NPR Music). 

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Adele21, in stores Feb. 22
I've been in love with Adele's voice since her 2008 performance on SNL. She's a new school diva, with the pipes and the chops to go the distance. My local stations have been playing "Rolling in the Deep" (watch / listen here) and it's been an equal favorite at my desk and on the treadmill. Since I can't sneak off to the UK to buy her album now, I suppose I'll have to hold out until Feb. 22nd when it becomes available stateside. 

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Amos Lee, Mission Bell, in stores now
We've had Amos a couple times at my workplace, and he'll be back this spring. You may have seen him perform "Windows Are Rolled Down" last week on Ellen (watch / listen here). This breezy track evokes the sensation of cruising along a highway on a summer road trip. Exactly the kinda song I need to distract me from the frozen tundra reality of Milwaukee!

What new music are you into lately?


Raya said...

Love this kind of post!!!! I'm a music idiot, I mostly just listen to the radio. But off radio I do love all of Matt Nathanson's albums (and have since before he came 'cool').

Elle Hattan said...

Ahh I love love love Adele and Bright Eyes!! I live in Michigan and as I look out the window I see snow blowing... full on blizzard watch :(

Cait said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post and Bright Eyes! woohooooo! Be careful in this blizzard- I'm in Chicago and it's HORRIBLE out here!