Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter weekend

Hope that everyone is having a great weekend!

This afternoon, after another couple unhappy hours spent in the salon chair (more on that later), I was craving a wholesome meal.

A couple stops later, I got to cookin' in the kitchen. 

The star ingredients:

 What's in the bag, you ask? Dakota bread!

Just what I needed. Nutritious and delicious.

After the meal, I noticed some killer icicles, framed by our living room window. Yikes!

Have a great afternoon!


Kayla @ Let's Live Wholesome said...

I would love to have some GH bread before I die...

Raya said...

I need some GH bread in my life. And I LOVE that Alexia mix-it's awesome!!!

Tracey Gessner said...

YUM. I buy the Alexia veggies all the time and I love them!