Friday, July 15, 2011

Milwaukee's Storm the Bastille Run: A 5k PR!

Doesn't this post title read all funky and robotic? A 5k PR! A 5k PR! It's like running has it's own coded, secret language. 

It means what it says, though - tonight I hit a personal record for a 5k distance!

The race: Storm the Bastille 5K Run / Walk, at Milwaukee's Bastille Days, which is the largest North American French-themed outdoor festival. Who knew?

The course: Beautiful Downtown Milwaukee, at night

The company: Stefanie and Nicole (my fellow half marathon divas), and a few other friends! 
We have special energy drinks, aka whiskey. Don't judge.

Essentially a party on sneakers, the Storm the Bastille course winds through Downtown and the 3rd Ward streets. While the pre-race music was a little odd (Broadway tunes and Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive"), nothing French or running-themed about it, runners packed the starting chute with friends and teammates, some of them in costumes. 
A whole team of Napoleons!
I couldn't resist a photo opp.
Next year I'm totally going to run as Marie Antoinette. I have experience...
Tell me it wouldn't be hilarious to see a racing Marie? I still have the wig from this costume...
We couldn't resist a few more goofy photos before the race started. 
Once the race started, it was a fast start en masse. I began with my group, but promptly lost them (oops), and stuck to the left side of the course. There were SO many other runners, it was incredible!
Though I've been Downtown many times at night, running the course presented a new experience and the buildings and architecture looked beautiful.
It was a very fast course and before I knew it, my Garmin beeped and said I had completed 3.1 miles! But the finish line was still a block away... hmm.

My finals: 3.16 miles in 32 minutes, 57 seconds. A new personal record!
Happy Runners!
It was a great, fast race, and a ton of fun. I wish it had been chip timed as this was my fastest race yet, but that's quite all right. One complaint: the finish area was so jammed with people that everyone had to stop about 50 feet ahead of the finish line. 

You do the talking: Have you ever raced at night before? It was like seeing my city through new eyes!


Sean Thomas Fisher said...

Congrats! I've only raced at night before when running from the cops or blood-thirsty zombies. But with your training, the walkers will never catch you when the lights go out, which is something to be pretty damn proud of... I'm going to need at least a Vespa.

Alison said...

I stormed the Bastille 2 years ago and loved it for the same reasons you do! So cool to run down the middle of the street at 9:30 at night. Did you stop at the unofficial beer aid station in the Third Ward?

steady pursuit said...

Its nice to have found another Milwaukee blogger. It appears we both did the Rock 'n Sole and Bastille days. I enjoyed your take on these same events.

Nicole said...

So fun! And congrats on the PR! Did you ever to the Nike Run Hit Wonder races? They remind me a lot of this and were a ton of fun!