Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Recap: Challenge Nation Milwaukee Urban Scavenger Race

Good evening, friends - hope that you all are well! Things have gotten busy again, but tonight I've made some time for blogging.

Lately, I haven't totally slipped up on food photography...
Even though most meals consumed on the go :-)
Meal on wheels!
Since I've begun marathon training, I've felt a real change coming on. It's hard to describe, but definitely a change for the better, like I'm finally meeting my own challenge and perhaps growing a bit as a person.  I don't think I've ever been as active in my entire adult life as I have been these past few weeks!

First, there was the Rock N' Sole half marathon and the training in preparation. Weekends automatically had more structure with the mandatory long run each Saturday morning. I trained alone and with my friend Stefanie, encountering a variety of conditions and trying out different trails. Though the long runs made me feel strong, I skipped a lot of the short weekday runs that were recommended as part of the training plan. While I came out of the training a slightly more confident runner, I did not feel fully prepared to run the 13.1 miles. And we all know how the actual half marathon went. But... that which does not harm us, can only make us stronger.
With the half marathon experience behind me, I've had fun with shorter distance races. The Storm the Bastille 5k was an absolute blast, and scoring a PR didn't hurt my morale. 
The same weekend, Stefanie, Alison and I teamed up for the Challenge Nation Milwaukee urban scavenger race, which was hysterically fun (and a great workout). We planned out goofy costumes (zombie runners!), grabbed some zombie makeup and fake blood, and were ready to go.
With the Bronze Fonz!
We're specific zombie runners, look closely...
Pun intended :-)
The clues were pretty challenging, but we figured out what we needed through the use of smartphones (allowed per race rules). We had to find a location, and take a photo at it, posing in a specified way. Luckily, we're posers. 

We ended up with 10th place out of 143 teams entered! Not too shabby!

It was a really fun event, and a great way to learn more about Milwaukee. The emphasis for clues seemed to rely on sculptures, which was okay but could have used a little more variety (more buildings, characters to find, a boat or water challenge, etc.). All in all, I'd absolutely register for this event again!

Also, I can't talk about this event without mentioning The Great Milwaukee Race, another urban challenge type event, which had their second event in June. This race is locally produced by the folks behind Fit Milwaukee, and from the recap I read it overall seems more difficult! I can't wait to assemble a team and register for the 2012 race.

You Do The Talking: Have you ever participated in an urban challenge / scavenger hunt type race? I absolutely love the concept and can't wait to do another one! 

Do you watch The Amazing Race? I don't currently, but again - the concept is just so cool. If you were to go on The Amazing Race, who would you pick for your team partner and why? 


Anne said...

That event looks like so much fun! It's cool that you come away from it with tons of pics. I hope you do the Great Milwaukee Race next year, you'll love it!

Alison said...

This was such a fun race - so glad we did it together! I think if I went on the Amazing Race I'd partner with my husband. Even though I'm positive we'd try to kill each other at some point, he is really smart and good with directions so I'd want him to lead our team.

Paige @ Running Around Normal said...

I really want to run in the Great Urban Race this year! It sounds like so much fun.
And I love the Zombie get up - you are too cute! (for a Zombie even! haha)

stephchows said...

OK that race looks WICKED fun!! I wish they had one here!

Sarah Grecco said...

Hi!! Just came across your blog and love it! Training for a marathon and long weekends....ugh....I've done that before and though it was a total time commitment it was worth it!

I do watch the Amazing Race (not every season) and love it. Great motivating show. i would pick my sister. She kicks ass at that stuff!

Get Up & Go

Anonymous said...

We did a similar race last year, it was the urban beer hunt. Same kind of event...with a little beer thrown in for fun. We didn't win the $500 but we too had a great time.