Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I didn't know what to make for dinner, so I made...

Something green...
Topped with something golden and delicious. Annie's Shells with Aged Cheddar.
It's like the sun.

The broccoli was especially fantastic tonight, thanks to a dill seasoning I sprinkled on top before steaming in the microwave. This simple meal came together in under 15 minutes!

Hope that everyone had a kickin' Fourth of July weekend! What did you do?

My schedule was packed... Friday:
Summerfest with Stefanie!
Trail riding. Can't beat it. 2.5 hours of the most beautiful trails in the area.
Doesn't Chance look handsome with his fly mask on?
Nerd alert!

Sunday: More Summerfest!
Thai veggies with white rice and peanut sauce, mmm.
Dinner with a view.
A beautiful sunset with my beautiful gal pal!
A Miller Park margarita, enjoyed at a Brewers game among friends. 
And the weekend was a wrap! This week, it's back to being a worker bee and preparing myself for the Rock n' Sole Half Marathon on Sunday. The butterflies in my stomach are starting to flutter...

You do the talking: How did you celebrate this weekend?
What are you up to tonight? Normal Tuesday stuff?


Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Dill broccoli?! That sounds AMAZING! I am so jealous that you can just GO trail riding. I wish I had that here in Toronto. The last time I went riding was in Hawaii last year and I loved it.

DaMora said...

I like to sprinkle my veggies with dill too. Esp. carrots.

Note to self: top broccoli with mac and cheese, not the other way around.

What a great way to cut back on all the bad stuff that comes with mac and cheese but still have enough to enjoy it.