Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sound Bites 6/30: New music from Wilco, The Rapture, Bandana Splits

I'm trying out a new feature for ye olde blog, aptly titled "Sound Bites." Please let me know your thoughts! 

Sound Bites 6/30: Here's the scoop on three new songs, be sure to click on the links to go and take a free listen to each. 
The Rapture: "How Deep Is Your Love?
This track has an infectious, steady piano riff, is highly danceable and has a gratuitous saxophone solo. Therefore, I kinda love it. I'm calling it now, 2011 is the year of the sexy sax
Their forthcoming album In the Grace of Your Love, will be in stores September 6.
This press photo was taken in an elevator in the theater I work in, and use every day! G'ah!
Wilco: "I Might"
I love Wilco. I love Wilco. That is all. Go listen to this new song, it will make you feel good. 
Their new album This Whole Love is due out this fall.
Source: (holla to a Milwaukee-based blog!)
The Bandana Splits: "Sometimes"
If you dig the vintage-y sound of Zooey Deschanel's voice in She & Him, and miss girl groups, the Bandana Splits are for you. These girls sound pitch-perfect, and I love the old-school instrumentals as well. Plus, aren't they adorable? 
Their album drops on August 16.
Source: My Old Kentucky Blog

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