Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rufus, my original fur child.

How was everyone's Wednesday? Kick-ass, I hope!

Tonight's post is random. I could only think of two things to write about: how glad I am that summer weather has finally hit Milwaukee, and a certain fur child.

First things first. It's officially summertime in the Milwaukee area, and about damn time. The past two days have had on again / off again thunderstorms, and our garden is kicking into high gear. Soon, our raspberry bushes will be in bloom with fruit, and my tiger lillies will finally come around for the season. 
These photos are from last year, I just can't believe such beautiful things grew in our yard.

And when I think of beautiful colorful things, one special little furry man immediately comes to mind... 

Rufus. My first fur child.
About seven years ago, right after Zak and I met each other, I adopted a cat from the Wisconsin Humane Society. The adoption counselor told me that he was a 'special' kitten, was borderline not rescuable when they found him, and who may not ever fully warm up to people. All I saw was the cutest little boy, ever. 
Rufus is definitely not your typical cat. While he is very handsome, he prefers to be admired from afar. He does not  like to be held or cuddled, and is overall pretty wild. But he never ceases to amuse me with his curiosity and antics.
He makes a great gargoyle...
...and is surprisingly adventurous. He didn't mind checking out snow...
Okay, that was all Zak. Rufus wasn't really wanting to put these on.

He makes a great portrait subject...
His current favorite activity is lounging in an old box, watching the birds. Must be nice.
While Clay the puppy and Blue the dog are animals that actually enjoy human company and therefore get most of our attention, Rufus is my original fur child. Our home wouldn't be complete without him.

You do the talking: Are you a cat person, or dog person? 
I used to be a cat person, but Rufus changed that. He's cute, but pretty bonkers. I'm now more of a dog person.


Sasmita said...

Really, anything fresh from the garden is wonderful; makes the heart fly with joy. Because it's the fruit of our own labor & time spent

Anonymous said...

i'm definitely a dog person! i like cats too, but i grew up with dogs and my fiance and i have a dog now! i can't imagine NOT having a dog!

Kris | said...

Awwwww, how cute is he??? We used to have cats, but had to give them away in an apartment we lived in :( Now we have a baby wiener dog that is our first child. 3 years of pure barking bliss ;)


AnnieM said...


Christina @ The Athletarian said...

I love all animals! Your kitty is adorable!

Those raspberries look delish by the way!