Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Good evening. And it has been a good evening. I'll get to that in a second.

Thanks to all who stopped by and said hello on my last post. It feels good to be back in an active blogging role! This little piece of the Internet would be nowhere without your awesome support, so thanks again :-)

I am up late and enjoying tonight because - wait for it - I'm on VACATION! If you hear a loud whooshing   noise, that's me exhaling. I've taken three much-needed days off from work, and am ridiculously excited!

Reason for Excitement #1 - My sister Annie is coming home for a visit!!!

Annie and I haven't spent real life time together since January (though we talk nearly every day online), so this weekend can't come soon enough. She arrives on Thursday evening!

Reason for Excitement #2 - Tomorrow, my Dad and I are headed to Miller Park for a Brewers Game! We haven't gone to a game, just the two of us, since I was a little girl. It's about time we had another Father / Daughter Brewers outing!

Reason #3... I'm watching an awesomely bad movie, I Want to Marry Ryan Banks, starring Bradley Cooper (way before he did The Hangover!) and Jason Priestley. 
Ooh yeah. Quality film.
The synopsis: When movie star Ryan Banks (Jason Priestly) finds his career in trouble, his best friend and manager Todd Doherty (Bradley Cooper) comes up with a reality dating show where women are chosen to live with Ryan, who will ultimately select one of them to wed. But when the audience's favorite, Charlie Norton (Emma Caulfield), falls for Todd, Todd is torn between his feelings for Charlie and his friendship with Ryan.

A guilty pleasure movie, for sure. Thank you, Lifetime Movie Network. Vacation is off to a great start!

I leave you with more gratuitous puppy photos... 


Anonymous said...

your father-daughter game at miller park sounds awesome! my dad used to take my sister and i for special occasions when we were little too! :)

Anonymous said...

Clay is so freaking adorable!! I love the ears! It's always good to watch at least one guilty pleasure show or movie a week. For me, it was the Miss USA pageant. lol.

Kayla @ An Honest Girl's Guide to Life said...

I just got back from a vacay in Manitou Springs and the surrounding areas, and pretty much any time I heard "Pikes Peak" I thought of you :-)