Monday, August 8, 2011

All in a day's eats.

Happy Monday, everyone. How was your day?

Mine was okay... I finished about 80% of what I set out to do at work, survived a technology fail with my laptop (knock on wood!), while nursing a sore IT band / knee with a bag of frozen peas under my desk (classy, I know). More on the knee issue later. 

Not to whine, but it was kind of a rough day. Tonight, I arrived at home absolutely famished. I really didn't help myself in that department. Breakfast was typical, 1/2 a PB on whole grain bread, with a giant iced coffee. 
Consumed while driving, tsk tsk.

Later, I had a Clif bar - the new Coconut Chocolate Chip flavor - delish! Also, carrots and a greek yogurt, both of which I ate so quickly I didn't think to snap a photo.

Once I arrived home, I was craving a pasta and veggie dish, and whipped up a quick Laura Pad Thai. I used loads of veggies and regular enriched pasta, added some extra egg whites and thinned out the peanut sauce with coconut beverage. Mmm!
Does this photo look blurry to you? My point-and-shoot camera is on its last leg :-(

I go through phases where I like to photograph and journal my food, to help me keep on track with a) focusing on nutritious foods and b) eating enough in general. When I get stressed, I tend to eat poorly. Hopefully food journaling will help me keep on track this week!

You do the talking: How was your Monday? Have you tried food journaling? 

Fellow bloggers, what are your thoughts on posting daily photos of your meals / snacks? I go back and forth on it... sometimes I feel that my meals are so boring (which they absolutely are), but I like sharing photos of interesting-looking dishes (like the Laura Pad Thai tonight). 

I'm off to read this lovely book:
Foodie books are my preferred relaxation method as of late. How about you guys, have you read anything awesome lately?


Christina @ The Athletarian said...

I tried food journaling but it made me crazy! I found it made me focus way too much of my energy on counting calories and I became a bit neurotic. Now I only take pictures of something if it's really special or looks really pretty. I eat a lot of the same boring things every day so they usually don't make it to being picture-worthy!

Alysha said...

I was food journaling every day for about 4 months last year. I think it helped me fill some food gaps - like I didn't eat enough vegetables today, better kick those up. I like seeing what other people eat because it's interesting (and I tend to fall into food ruts).

I'm reading "The Wilder Life" right now (I loved those books growing up). There is a scene where the author churns her own butter :)

Alison said...

I am not into photographing all my food, but I have been attempting to keep track of how many servings of veggies, whole grains, protein, calcium, etc. I get while pregnant. It is really hard to remember to do this though!

I made some Thai-ish noodles last night too. Did you use a recipe, or do you have your recipe posted somewhere?

Raya said...

Lately I walk around eating unpeeled carrots like I'm bugs bunny or something. So photographing that just seems silly. The reason I decided to stop photographing all my daily eats was mainly b/c it's boring to me since I tend to only eat a couple of dishes per week. I make a few meals, and then live on those leftovers for the rest of the week.

That book looks interesting! Right now I'm really into Kristin Hannah books (although I'm almost over them-too many feelings) and the James Patterson Murder Club series.

Also, DYING to see The Help movie b/c I loved the book so much. Easily one of my top ten reads this year.