Thursday, August 18, 2011


Who's blogging two nights in a row? This girl!

How are you doing tonight? I am relaxing with some Sour Patch Kids and the latest episode of Jersey Shore. Because it's a Thursday.

By the way... Is it just me, or does "The Situation" kinda look like 90s MTV star Pauly Shore?
No? Maybe? Hard to tell without that bandana.

Today at work, I spent some quality time with my spreadsheets, and got a ton accomplished. I sometimes think of each show we do at work as a little baby that I take care of (yes, I know that's kinda weird), and today my babies got lots of attention. Three cheers for productivity!

I'd like to share with you, my very favorite smoothie combination. There is probably nothing unique about it as many other bloggers have used similar ingredients. So I'm not claiming to have invented this beast... rather, this is my favorite mishmash of healthy smoothie ingredients!

It starts with frozen, pitted cherries, spinach and some milk.
Then, the star of the show... Cacao!
(Any Portlandia fans in here? Remember the Cacao skit? Too funny.)

Some chia seeds. If you haven't heard of these, they are the same seeds that you put on chia pets. They are full of good-for-you stuff (Omega 3's, B-vitamins, etc.) and because they become gelatinous when they combine with liquid, they aid with hydrating your bod.
Protein powdah (chocolate, of course)...
It looks like a pile of... healthy:
But once blended, has the creamy consistency and rich flavor of a chocolate milkshake. Delicious!
Healthy Smoothie, Backstage Balance-style
Serving size: Two giant glasses

1 cup milk (any kind will do - I like to use coconut milk beverage)
3 handfulls of spinach (about 2 cups, packed)
1 cup pitted, frozen sweet cherries
2 tbsp raw cacao powder (cocoa powder will work, too)
1 tbsp chia seeds
1.5 scoops chocolate protein powder

Blend milk, spinach, and frozen cherries until smooth. Stop blender and add in the raw cacao powder, chia seeds and protein powder. Blend until incorporated, then serve and enjoy!

You do the talking: What are your favorite smoothie ingredients?
I almost always roll with a chocolatey or vanilla-y smoothie. I've tried to do fruity smoothies and haven't quite hit my stride with those. 

Do you see the resemblance between The Situation and Pauly Shore? I realize it may not be super obvious but was seriously giggling over putting their images side by side :-)

I did another Google image search and found another comparison! What do you think?


Alysha said...

I've seen cacao powder at Health Nut in Hales Corners (i just discovered the nibs. In fact, I am eating them right now in my keifer!) Why do you like the powder? What do you do with it?

AND BTW, this looks like a really good smoothie. I usually do a banana, some milk/plain keife, chocolate vitamin powder.

Paige @ Running Around Normal said...

HE does!! I've always tried to pinpoint just who it was he reminded me of, but you are spot on!! Creepy, kind of, heh

Maria said...

Found your blog via Carrots & Cake! I too am a MKE girl :-) I relocated to Chicago a few years ago, but I go back to MKE every chance that I get. I'm looking forward to following your blog!

Laura said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies! I'm still trying to switch over to Wordpress so that I can make direct replies to your awesome comments.
Alysha - I use cacao powder in baking as a substitute for cocoa powder. It's the same thing, and I have a gigantic bag of it, so I'm going to keep subbing it for cocoa until it's gone! :-) Not sure about the health benefits over conventional cocoa or anything like that.
Paige - isn't it creepy? Yet hilarious! It's like MTV found the perfect formula of what a sensational character should look like, and stuck with it.
Maria - thanks for stopping by! I just checked out your blog as well, I'm excited to add you to my Reader and will be back frequently!