Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Joe Rogan = awesome

Good evening, friends. How's this week treating you?

Mine has included working on plans for several interesting shows... for privacy purposes I won't mention artist names just yet (not until the night of the concerts, yo), but I've spent the most time on a) an alternative rock band I swooned over as a teen, b) some righteous guitar dudes, touring in a pack and c) an awesome singer-songwriter chick. So 

Oh, and last weekend at work, we had a show with Joe Rogan. You know, host of Fear Factor (which is coming back this fall!) and announcer for the UFC. He also does standup, and he ruled. 

Zak and I checked out his show as a quasi-date night. We stopped in to work before the show to make sure everything was good to go... and took advantage of a photo opportunity (of course)...
Then, we grabbed a drink at Rock Bottom Brewery...

Their IPA rocks my taste buds. The last time I visited RB, I had been dressed in sweaty running clothes and fake blood, so it was funny to reminisce about that.

Fast forward to a little while later, after doing some top secret birthday mission stuff (it was Joe Rogan's birthday last week), it was time for the show!

You can check out two videos from his experience at the venue I work at:
Joe Rogan giving love to the Pabst Theater security team (hilarious)
Joe Rogan: Happy Birthday from Milwaukee 

Again, I gotta be private about some things but I will say this: after the show, Zak and I had an absolutely incredible / surreal night. I'll have to tell you the rest of the story in person when we hang out :-)

You do the talking: Did you watch / get into Fear Factor? It used to totally gross me out but now I must be desensitized or something because the stunts don't really seem that bad. I think I could temporarily eat just about anything if I did the whole mind over matter thing... how about you?

Do you like Mixed Martial Arts / the UFC? I am squeamish about how graphic it can be, but think that the training, artistry and true grit of the fighters / sport is pretty incredible. Plus I feel that it's safer than boxing - there are only three rounds, and the fighters always have the option of tapping out to end the match. We went to UFC Live in Milwaukee on Sunday and it was pinch-yourself cool to be in the live audience of the globally broadcast event.


Mike Collins said...
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Christina @ The Athletarian said...

You just made my day!!! I have been dying for Fear Factor to come back! The re-runs are so old and I'm pretty sure I've seen them all! Joe Rogan is the best! I am so jealous of your secret missions and can't wait until we get to find out what it is!!

I watch UFC on occasion. It kind of creeps me out most of thie time but my boyfriend's brothers are really into it and have UFC parties all the time. I just suck it up and watch! I don't mind too much though. I watched a documentary on GSP and his life/training and you really have to respect those guys for what they do. It is super intense!