Sunday, November 13, 2011

What's been going on "backstage."

How's it going, America? Just kidding. That's the best sarcastic greeting that I could muster. Hello, and thank you for reading today.

So, as you can imagine, things have been pretty busy (do I sound like a broken record yet?) and a lot has been going on "backstage." Like, this:
Radio performances / live broadcasts at work, in the middle of the workday. 
Ringside photo opps at Mondo Lucha.
Soy lattes from Alterra. The very best.
Blonde Manhattans from Rumpus Room.
Widespread Panic.
My coworker's Smiths Tribute Band, The Salford Lads Club, at a Pablove benefit concert. The same night that last photo was taken, a very important question was asked... and answered:
Yes! (Not for me, for a gluten-sensitive friend).

And, more solemn moments...
My Dad's 60th Birthday. A visit from family. New friends. Old friends. Love.

Looking forward to this month, the Holidays, and more food, music and balanced living. Thanks for hanging out with me while I enjoy the ride!

You do the talking: Um, what's new? What have the past few weeks of your life been like? Any new artists you're listening to?

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