Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This Rocks: "Frugalista" blogs

Friends, this girl loves herself a deal.
When it comes to shopping, I've recently gotten into pairing coupons and sales to get some amazing deals. Why pay more, right?
For example, today I visited Walgreens and picked up their in-store ad. There was a tear-out coupon for $.99 Lindsay Olives, for which I had a "$1 off 2" manufacturer coupon (click on the link and you will, too!). Since you can use in-store and manufacturer coupons together, I bought 2 jars for just $.49 each! Super cheap.
Wags also had an in-store ad coupon for Starbucks Frappucino bottled drinks for $1.29 each. I had manufacturer coupons for $1 off, so I picked up 2 for just $.29 each.
I told a friend that I'd put a listing of some of my favorite coupon / thrifty blogs together for her, and thought I'd share with you folks as well.
The tone is tounge-in-cheek, and KCL features a ton of useful information, from listings of internet printable coupons to freebies.
Another great site - several updates are made daily. Blogger Mercedes constantly posts great tips about store sales and coupon matchups, free samples and more.
Tara posts constantly, and seems to scour every edge of the Internet to post about deals! Right now, she has a post about an EarthFare promotion (wish we had these in WI) and a Santa Cruz $.75 off natural juices coupon. Great stuff.
Visiting these blogs is a fun daily activity, and I feel good when I save money. Hope that you enjoy them as much as I have.
Another preview photo from Nashville...


Anonymous said...

I certainly love a great deal! It always feels so good to know that you got something you wanted AND saved some money. Thanks for the links!


Ali said...

WOAH!! Great deals Lady!!! Thanks for the links.

Whitney @ Lettuce Love said...

Love good deals -- thanks for passing along the links.

Anonymous said...

Nice finds... I knew about "Common Sense" but I'm excited to check out the others.