Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jungle Jack Hanna, Bon Iver, and million dollar meals

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As another weekend winds down, I find myself relaxing at work listening to a great show... Bon Iver. Justin Vernon (singer, aka Bon Iver) was the spokesperson at AIDS Walk Wisconsin earlier today in Milwaukee, and the concert serves as an extension of this outreach effort. It's great to have worked on a show that benefits this very important cause.
This evening, I visited our newly redecorated catering / hospitality area tonight at the Riverside (our biggest venue) and must say - it's sleek, sophisticated and stylish. Felt more like an upscale restaurant than anything! I got to sample one of the desserts, which was some type of lemon creme confection.
Pardon the iPhone photo. That's some gorgeous Milwaukee skyline in the background. This is what the rock stars see when they dine at the table I was sitting at.
Earlier today, I started things off on the right foot with this lovely breakfast.
Plain organic Stonyfield Farms yogurt, one chopped plum, raspberries.
Whole wheat toast, topped with PB&Co honey peanut butter.
OJ in a favorite mug. This b-fast made me feel like a million bucks.
Check out that glorious pile 'o produce in the background. Zak went grocery shopping. I am a lucky lady.
The big activity for the afternoon was a live animal show with 'Jungle' Jack Hanna, at the Pabst! Zak's adorable niece and nephew had their first visit to the theater, and got to meet Jungle Jack himself. Guess who else got to finally meet him?
!!!!! This woman! Can you tell I was super excited?
Jack Hanna is one of my favorite human beings... he has educated so many thousands of people about wildlife conservation through his TV appearances and shows. His sense of humor is one of a kind, he's a gifted communicator as well. He's also quite the humanitarian.
It was a great time with Ben, Elise, and of course the grownups, Taylor and Jen. Hoping to arrange another outing soon.
Later, I enjoyed this super salad prepared by Chef Zak.
It had a little bit of everything, and on the side I made some Texas Toast.
I inhaled it :-) Fresh vegetables and fruit feel so different in my stomach than other foods. Back to that million dollar feeling! Good stuff.
It's now after 10PM and I am thinking of heading home. Sweet dreams, blog friends!


Whole Body Love said...

I can't believe you met Jack Hanna!! That is awesome! He looks like he hasn't aged since I was a kid. What does this man do to stay so young?! Amazing.

Whitney @ Lettuce Love said...

Jack Hanna!! I met him when I was a kid and it was great -- I love his show! And that plate of produce is heaven.

Ali said...

Bon Iver- so great- did you know they have a track on the New Moon Soundtrack???
Jack Hanna? Yes please.

Anonymous said...

OMG, that breakfast looks SO appealing. Sliced plum is so delicious mixed with other fruits and yogurt.

And how neat that you got to meet Jack Hanna. He is such a knowledgable guy and really has a wonderful presence on TV. Totally jealous!


Anonymous said...

Hey there Laura Lishious! I didn't know you had a blog, this is so well put together. Your menu selection inspired me to eat some fruit this morning! Thanks! -Chelsey

Sarah @ The Foodie Diaries said...

OMG i LOVEE bon iver! I wish I was Emma ;)

Did you know justin vernon has a side project?

I really like it!