Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here, take my sweater...

Good evening!
...Writing to you live from our show with Ingrid Michaelson at Turner Hall Ballroom. The house is packed, and so far everything is going great. The opener, Matthew Perryman Jones, is playing right now. I am digging his acoustic, mellow sound as I type away in the tech office.
Do you guys like Ingrid Michaelson? I've gotta admit, her songs have me hooked. "The Way I Am" (aka the Sweater song) is constantly stuck in my head and I am guilty of singing it in the shower. Her new single "Maybe" is pretty fun.
So lately I haven't had much time for new posts... nor have I been enjoying much interesting food. Today though, I did get to do something fitness-related... a horseback riding lesson!
I didn't get any photos today, but will fill you in. I found a wonderful person who is willing to give me private lessons for a nominal fee. In exchange, I am expected to tack and groom my horse, help with horse training, etc. Needless to say... this is VERY EXCITING and I am pinching myself to make sure it's really happening!
My horse's name is Chance, he's a certified Paint / Pinto mix gelding and is very well trained. I have never worked with such a well-behaved or gentle animal. Here's a photo from the owner's posting - isn't he handsome?
We had a great two hours today getting to know each other, and I can't wait for the next lesson. Eventually I will be riding the trails of Wisconsin's Kettle Moraine area, which will be incredible to experience.
I really enjoyed the ride to and from the farm, which was about an hour away from my home. The trees are at their peak of fall colors right now, and I absorbed all of the beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows from my viewpoint behind the wheel of Edward.
Other highlights... Zak bought some Honeycrisp apples and shared one with me. WOW are these great. How have I never tried one before? What's your favorite type of apple?
Gonna get back to work. Have a great evening!

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Ali said...

OH MY! I lived right by the kettles for 12 years! They are so great and beautiful- you will have an awesome time there!