Thursday, October 1, 2009

ROCKtober begins

It's officially October... and here in Milwaukee, the weather is acting like it.
That's one sad-looking forecast.
Despite the doom and gloom, October is one of my favorite months of the year! It gets especially crazy at work as we have more shows during this month than any other of the year.
We call it... ROCKtober!!!
(if I could embed a song to play once your eyeballs read the above... it'd probably be something by Metallica)
Last night at the Pabst Theater, we had Margaret Cho. I can't think of a single better way to spend an evening than to laugh your tuccus off at one of her shows. She did stand up, she sang, she did her impression of her Mom, and she rocked. GO SEE HER. Now. Serious!
Between tonight through Monday, we have oh - I don't know? - ten more shows. Great Big Sea, Kings Go Forth, Stephen Lynch, The Second City, David Cross, Jim Jeffries, Marc Cohn, Hope Sandoval, Gaslight Anthem, and then Colbie Caillat with Howie Day.
Are you a fan of any of these artists?
I love ROCKtober, but this month has always been especially challenging in the healthful eating and exercising, and getting enough sleep department. For example, I've eaten lunch at Subway for the past two days. All I can say is, at least I am eating lots of spinach that way. And at least it's a few blocks away so I've gotten some type of physical activity.
Despite all of the shows this weekend, things should be easy. For Zak and myself the focus will be on a very special couple - Ben and Beki. They are getting married and it will be awesome. Wedding weekend kicks off tomorrow with the rehearsal dinner. Not sure what they will be serving, but I'll be sure to photo-document it!
Back to this fall stuff and some food bloggin'. When the outdoors gets chilly, and the Laura gets busy, I like to go the semi-homemade route. Perfect example which was my Tuesday night meal = Progresso Lentil soup with homemade dumplings.
I actually like this soup a lot. It's not too bland, I can recognize most of the ingredients and it's often on sale.
Now, dumplings may seem challenging, but are super easy to make and relatively fast, granted you're not all impatient and hangry. I like to go even more semi-homemade and use Bisquick... you just follow the instructions on the box, wait until the soup is heated and then plop the 'plings right in there.
10 minutes uncovered, then 10 minutes covered, and you're golden.
When Annie and I were wee lasses, our Mama used to make a heavely beef stew with dumplings. Now that we're both vegetarian, it's nice to know that they taste just as good without the little meat particles that would stick on them.
Also this weekend is the Lakefront Marathon - my pride and joy. This is my second year with volunteering in the marketing / PR area and I know this race will be our best yet! If you're in Milwaukee, please join me on Sunday at the Bradford Beach House, aka Mile 24 Club. I'll have free coffee, donuts and cowbells starting at 10:30AM!
That's about it for me - cheers!
Any big plans for the weekend?
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