Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So long, sweet summer (berries)

Folks, summer is officially over. So sad.
You know how I can tell? The strawberries and raspberries I packed today taste kinda sour, and definitely aren't as sweet as the ones from June. Sigh.
They still taste OK though. A nice 2 cup serving (I've already had a bunch). Starbucks iced coffee with soy milch on the side.
Last night, I was feeling pretty blah and starting to break out (a sure sign that my immune system is taking a dip), so I made a green (purple? brown?) smoothie with soy milk, water, one scoop of chocolate whey protein powder, a handful of strawberries, and a handful of spinach.
There was enough for one shot extra so I offered it to Zak... he politely declined. LOL, what is it with our blog boyfriends / hubbies and green smoothies? Why are they so freaked out?
On the side, I sliced up a Gala apple and enjoyed some of this great Sartori Reserve Cheddar that I picked up at Elegant Farmer a couple weeks ago. This is a cheddar cheese, but tastes like and has a parmesan-like texture, and is so so so good.
Zak and I settled in and watched the first episode of the first season of True Blood - oh man! I LOVE THIS SERIES. I am already addicted. Zak went to bed, and I stayed up to watch the second episode ;-)
If you 'get' sarcasm, quick wit and can stomach graphic scenes... ok and also moderate sexual imagery, it is an HBO series... True Blood is for you! Can't wait for the second disc of season 1 to arrive via Netflix.
Also yesterday - I received a package - an awesome prize pack from Miss Heather! I immediately tore into the Stretch Island Fruit Co. fruit strip - yum!
Thanks again, Heather!
Back to work with me. Working on marketing for a show featuring an American Idol winner. Details tomorrow!

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Whitney @ Lettuce Love said...

Oh how I love Stetch Island Fruit Co - my fav is the raspberry. It is such a great snack to throw in my bag and not have to worry about it getting mushed/stale/rotten.