Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Behold - A Starbucks muffin that's semi-healthy!

Friends, you may recall my last post about a Starbucks muffin that shocked and awed me.
It's no secret that muffins and other bakery treats contain copious amounts of fat. It's also no joke that food sold at convenience types of locations, such as Starbucks, have preservatives and other weird stuff in them to keep them fresher for longer.
This afternoon at my local 'bucks, I spied something odd. A row of muffins with a sign taped to the display, saying they had over 7g of fiber and contained Omega 3's! SOLD.
Behold - the Apple Bran Muffin.
Now, I gave the Blueberry Struesel muffin some crap because it had 33g of sugar. This one actually has more sugar (34g). The aforementioned B.S. muffin (haha!) had 11g of fat (6 saturated) and this one has a little less - 9g (2.5 saturated).
So despite my blog title, the health stats are maybe just slightly better than the B.S. muffin was. Is that entirely fair of me to say this one's healthy and the other one was full of crap? Probably not. That's why I am not a professional food critic.
What I can tell you, is why the muffin seems better from my point of view. In my opinion, the real winning factor of this A.B. muffin is the fiber - 7g. If I am going to eat a piece of carbohydrate heaven, I want it to work hard for me. The B.S. muffin only had 2g of fiber.
Also, the A.B. muffin has 25% the recommended daily value of calcium, and 20% for iron. Not too shabby.
Let me tell you - this A.B. muffin tastes really great! There are large pieces of fruit, cherries and raisins and whatnot, and it's very dense and moist.
Here are the nutrition stats - what do you think?


Anonymous said...

The added fiber is definitely a plus!! The apple bran muffin sounds delicious-i'd say, go for it! :)

ps-your blog name is great, keep it just as is!

Anonymous said...

Much better than Starbucks 500 calorie muffins, but not quite healthy with 34 grams of sugar and high load of carbs...if you're looking for super healthy muffins, check out Mind Your Muffin Co. - And you can bring the muffins with you on the go with their muffin carrier bags! They are delicious