Monday, October 26, 2009

No Scrubs.

The rest of the Ingrid Michaelson show was great! She did an opera-esque cover of TLC's "No Scrubs," LOL. Also, she covered UB40's "Falling in Love With You." Hope that she'll be back around in the springtime.
Okay, okay... my foodie inspiration came back pretty quickly :-) Just got home, famished, and decided to capitalize on the oh-so-tantalizing fresh grapes and organic yogurt in my fridge...
The huge bowl started with one chopped Honeycrisp apple.
Next up, the aforementioned grapes.
Topped off with organic plain Stonyfield yogurt, some crushed Barbara's Peanut Butter Puffins cereal, and chopped pecans... YES.
This yogurt monster creation was delicious and refreshing. I've been a bit dehydrated all weekend, and the fruit was exactly what I was craving.
Though it is now raining outside, today was a beautiful day. While I didn't take photos of Chance (the horse), I did get some photos of the gorgeous scenery from the drive.
I loved this house (barn?) on the hill.
The scenery at home was adorable, as usual :-).
Some other eats from today... breakfast:
Veggie scramble a la Zak.
Loved this except for the soy cheese that was snuck in there - to me, it just doesn't blend well with the flavor of eggs.
Favorite OJ.
Also - The other day, I attempted to make "Egg-in-the-hole."
I liked it, but don't care for the texture of fried eggs, so probably won't make it again anytime soon. Easy and quick, though. Tasted even better topped with Cholula hot sauce.
What's your favorite way to prepare eggs?
Alrighty, going to attempt to get some sleep now. G'night!

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Ali said...

The scenery in La Crosse is Amazing right now!
Your eats look great!