Monday, October 26, 2009

Meet Me On the Equinox

Quick lunchtime post... just bought the The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack from iTunes and am loving it so far!
I saw the video for Death Cab for Cutie's contribution, "Meet Me On the Equinox" when it was released a week or so ago and thought it to be a bit cheesy. It's much better to listen to as background music. I am stoked to listen to the Bon Iver and St. Vincent duet, the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club song and several others. It is quite the star-studded, packed album!
Breakfast this AM was consumed on the go... a slice of oat nut bread with organic peanut butter and raspberry champagne jam. This bread was very soft, yet had a hearty consistency with the whole grains. Delicious. Enjoyed with a hugh jass iced coffee from Starbucks.
Yep, I am still drinking iced coffee, despite the season change. Is that odd?
The drive in was foggy and rainy this AM - boo. Couldn't see Lake Michigan at all.
Though it was dreary, I realized that I am lucky to A) have such a short commute and B) have such great scenery on the way! I drive over Milwaukee's iconic Hoan Bridge every single day, and have great views of the city skyline, the lakefront, the Milwaukee Art Museum and more.
What is your commute to work / school like? Are there any landmarks that you enjoy seeing every day?
Lunch is leftover vegan chili a la Zak - I added about 2 tbsp of organic plain yogurt to mimic sour cream.
With some unpictured, McGyver-ed saltine crackers from the deli downtstairs and a Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper.
I don't always drink diet soda, in fact I try to avoid it, but today I was craving some fizz and a little caffeine buzz. Also, this flavor rocks.
Dessert will be some more lovely grapes, cool and crunchy.
I've got a mountain of stuff to do - have a great afternoon!


Whitney @ Lettuce Love said...

I love iced coffee (or tea) all year. It is sort of refreshing to have something cold when it is cold outside, if that makes sense. My commute is less than a 10 minute drive -- so nice. Actually, I wish it was longer some days because I love to listen to music in the car.

Ali said...

First of all, I love the New Moon soundtrack. They are even representing Wisco for us with Bon Iver!
The landmarks I get to see everyday are the Mississippi River, and the bluffs- they are especially beautiful this time of year with the fall colors!

Laura said...

Thanks for the comments ladies!

Whitney - mine is about the same length, I am guilty of staying in my parked car for a few more minutes to finish up a great song!

Ali - I am so jealous, La Crosse is beautiful. The bluffs must make for breathtaking daily views!