Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where the Heart Is

Tuesday night... 10PM... and it feels good to be home.
Zak and I had a great time in Nashville, but were both anxious to get back to Milwaukee; back to our apartment, our pets, and most of all - back to normal food!
We got into the airport and decided on our tasks: Zak went to his parents house to pick up Blue, and I went on a grocery shopping bonanza.
Now Zak usually does the majority of our grocery shopping because, ahem, he eats most of the groceries. I typically pick up staples, stuff for my baking projects, and hot ticket items that I match coupons and sales for. After this evening's trip, I have a new respect for Zak and his thrifty produce shopping. Let's just say I picked the wrong kind of apples and spent like $5.16 on 6 - ouch. Also learned that cauliflower costs $4, which seems unjust.
I digress. We got right into dinner... Huge salads with spinach and black beans, and tons of raw veggies: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, et. al.
I heated up some Trader Joe's multigrain pilaf on the side, topped with some green salsa.
So I ate about half the salad and all of the pilaf, and remembered that I had sliced up a sweet potato and was baking some cheetahs! I put away my leftover salad (lunch tomorrow) and dove in.
Mmmmmmm, is there anything better? These really hit the spot on this cool Wisconsin evening.
A couple hours later, I was ready for something sweet. Enter: Ben & Jerry's Half Baked fro-yo. On the side, an episode of True Blood. I can't get enough of this show!
Hello, Lover.
I am beat and have a million things to unpack. Tomorrow will be crazy with having been gone a few days, but I am hoping to post some photos and such from the rest of our Nashville trip.
A sneak preview... yup, that's a red carpet.

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