Sunday, August 23, 2009

Best Workout of 2009!

My friends, I am flying high today!!!
(yep, so good that it deserves not one but three exclamation points)
I just got home from the gym, where I literally had my best workout to date in 2009. As it's August 23rd, it's about effing time, yes? 
Inspired by Zak's sister Jem, the triathlete who regularly does open-water Lake Michigan swims; and the September edition of SELF Magazine - with its new 'REACH YOUR GOAL!' plan to 'Try a Triathlon' - I woke up raring to go today! I wanted to do a treadmill workout, then SWIM.
In high school, I was on the swim team my freshman and part of my sophomore year. My Mom suggested I sign up at freshman orientation as a means of meeting new friends, and I quickly grew to love the sport! Since then I haven't done much swimming, but love how invigorating it is.
Breakfast was a quick bowl of oatmeal - I ate about 1/2 of the bowl. 
1/2 cup oats, 1 cup soy milk, ground flaxseed, blueberries, scoop of PB. Perfect combo.
Then, I headed to Bally's and did about 30 minutes of a run / walk combo... then changed into my suit and hit the pool. I am going to take a moment here to divulge something embarrassing - this was the first time I have used my gym's pool. Ever. And it was fantastic! Granted, there were a couple creeper old guys just hanging out in the jacuzzi when I walked in -  thank goodness for  a large beach towel - but once I got started doing laps, I barely noticed them. When I was done, they weren't even there anymore!
In the pool, I swam about 5 laps - 3 breaststroke, 2 freestyle. I haven't swam laps for a long time, and I quickly remembered that swimming is a total-body workout! Swimming is hard. After just one lap of breaststroke, I was out of breath! I kept my water bottle near the side of the lane, and stopped to take a sip after each lap. 
Somewhere in the middle of my pool workout - I had this great moment of clarity. I literally started to smile while my head was in the water, lol. I felt empowered and alive. I was pushing my body to the max of its cardiovascular ability, and it felt so good. I've been kind of down lately and the endorphins gained from this workout are pushing that cloud away!
I feel glowy... still warm from my steam at the gym. This is my favorite water bottle, it says "My glass is ALWAYS half full."
Time to eat... we've got a fridge full of yummy-ness. More on that later :-)
Who / what inspires your workouts?
Have you experienced a similar moment of clarity mid-workout?

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