Monday, August 17, 2009

Brain Fog

Happy Monday to all! This morning I've had a dull headache that I can't seem to shake. Not pleasant but am otherwise in a great mood.
Every Sunday evening, I seem to go through a similar scenario. I get myself psyched up to get up early and work out early in the morning on Monday. My gym is literally less than 1 mile from our house! I lay in bed thinking of what time I will wake up, what outfit I will wear to the gym, and what type of workout I might do. Then I wake up on Monday, too late with no time to head to the gym! Argh, so frustrating.
It's like the psychology of the matter gets to me... I know that when I work out early on in the day, I feel great and have WAY more energy for the entire day. This article from talks about the effect that early AM exercise has on the body's metabolism and also how its a great way to fit in your "me" time.
Do you prefer working out at a certain time of day?
I am going to try something new... instead of ruminating over the details of what I'll wear or what I'll do at the gym, I will take 1 minute to 1. LAY OUT the clothes I will wear to the gym. 2. Make sure that my iPhone is charged up and ready to go. 3. Wake up, get dressed and stop making excuses! I will be trying this out tomorrow morning. Exciting!
Mondays are pretty hectic at work, thus the late post. Breakfast this AM was 3/4 cup of Barbara's Puffins (my fave), about 1/4 cup of frozen blueberries and 1/2 cup of soy milk. 
On the way in to the office, I stopped into Starbucks for my usual 'Grande' Iced Coffee with Soy. What is your favorite AM beverage to get you jazzed up for a work day?
Took this photo of the lovely fog over Downtown as I drove in via the Hoan Bridge. Isn't it gorgeous?

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Annie M said...

My favorite time of the day to work out used to be late (11 PM) because I'm such a night owl and it's pretty much empty. UCCS' gym closes at 11, which is annoying because the library closes at 12!! I usually end up working after school/work at 5. Not preferable, but it's the only time it can be squeezed in!